Our 20 Favorite Posts from 3 Years of Blogging

Today is our 3-year Blogiversary! 3 years ago, I was a week pas my due date and patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting the arrival of our son, so I decided to start a blog to keep my busy and document our time learning to be parents. These past 3 years have been a roller coaster, and lately my blog has been put on the back burner. I took some time to look back over the blog this weekend, make some changes, and pick our some of my favorite posts over the last 3 year. I have enjoyed sharing our journey with you all, and am going to work on getting back to blogging. For now, here is a look back at my 20 favorite posts from the past 3 years!

Our 20 Favorite Posts from Years of Blogging

1. Worth the Wait: This was a very special post for me…Patrick’s birth story.

worth the wait

2. Traveling with a Newborn for the Over-Prepared Parent: This is one of my most popular and most shared posts. We traveled for a week with Patrick when he was 6-weeks old, going from Cleveland, to Dayton, to Texas and back. I share tips from that experience, as well as very detailed packing lists for the extreme over-packer!

3. Cleveland FUN for Under ONE: This post shared all of the fun things there are to do in Cleveland with a child under 1! I enjoy looking back at all of the fun we had in our great city during Patrick’s first year.


4. Parenting Above the Judgement: Early on in parenting, I learned about how much judgement there is in the parenting world. This post touches upon that, and my commitment to rise-above it all.


5. A Look at Our WILD 1st Birthday Party: Patrick’s 1st Birthday post!

Birthday Party8

6. 10 Things I Hope My Son Learns from His Father: Leading up to Father’s Day, I wrote this post looking at all the great qualities Dave has that I hope Patrick learns from


7. 10 Reasons We Love the Cleveland Flea: The Cleveland Flea is one of our favorite events to attend in Cleveland. This post shares why!

10 Reasons We

8. Dear Son, This is the hardest letter I have ever written…: Emotional post from Dave to Patrick explaining his brain tumor. Tugs at my heart, but is still one of my favorites.

Dear Son,

9. My Toddler is a Weirdo: A look at some of Patrick’s oddities, which I love!


10. 8 Tips to Help Your High School Math Student (from a High School Math Teacher): This post shared some tips for parents on how to help their high school students in math from my time in the math classroom.

high school math

11. Easy DIY Daniel Tiger Halloween Costumes: We were the Tiger Family for Halloween and got creative with some DIY costumes!

Easy DIY Daniel Tiger Halloween Costumes

12. 7 Reasons Fantasy Football is a WIN for Long Distance Families: Our family is spread out, but every football season we come together online for Fantasy Football!

7 Reasons Fantasy Football is a Win for Long Distance Families

13. 4 Things I’ve Learned in 4 Years of Marriage: When we celebrated our 4-year Anniversary, I looked back at some lessons I had learned about marriage.

4 Things I've Learned in 4 Years of Marriage

14. Our Fun Family Christmas Eve Tradition: Our family is a little Christmas crazy! In this post, I shared a Christmas Eve tradition that we have.

Our Fun Family Christmas Eve Tradition

15. Our Journey with Brittany Gidley Photography: We have been lucky to have the opportunity to work with Brittany Gidley Photography several times to capture amazing images of our family. In this post, we share our journey with BGP, and why we love working with her!

Our Journey with Brittany Gidley Photography

16. Grow Simon GROW: This was a very special guest post, from a very special Mom, about a very special boy. Simon also turned 3 recently, and I have continued to follow his journey, which is more complicated than ever. Learn more about where Simon’s journey has gone here.

Grow Simon Grow

17. Throwing a Harry Potter Inspired Baby Shower: I threw my sister a Harry Potter inspired baby shower, and it quickly became one of my most popular posts!

Throwing a Harry Potter Inspired Baby Shower 3

18. Life After a Miscarriage: I have, and still am, struggling with infertility. In this post, I am very open about the miscarriage I had just over a year ago, as well as our struggles with infertility. As a result of this post, I have had so many people reach out to me about their own struggles and loss, and who have supported me in my journey.

Life After a Miscarriage2

19. Planning a Tigertastic Daniel Tiger Birthday Party: Patrick’s 2nd Birthday Party! I had so much fun planning this one!

Tigertastic Daniel Tiger Birthday Party

20. Tips for Getting Mom Back in the Picture: When I realized I was missing from most of the pictures during Patrick’s first 2 years, I made it a point to get myself back in the picture. In the post, I shared some tips on how to make that happen.

Getting Mom Back

Thank you for joining us on this journey so far! We look forward to another great year of blogging!

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