20 Words That Describe the Age of 2 Besides Terrible

We hear about them all of the time…the “terrible twos”. Almost immediately after you become a parent, people begin to warn you about the age of 2. As that 2nd birthday nears, you are fearful of the year that is about to come. However, there are far many more words that can describe that age than “terrible.” Not all of them are good, but not all of them are bad either. Here are 20 words that come to mind now that we are almost halfway through Patrick’s “terrible twos.”

20 Words for the Age of 2

Fun: Two is such a fun age. At this age, they are really interested at getting out and trying new things. You can play and interact with them so much more than when they were one.


Hilarious: I don’t know if you knew, but 2 year-old are major comedians! They say and do some of the silliest things!


Exhausting: A 2 year-old is a non-stop ball of energy. They are always on the go, and sometimes it is exhausting just to watch them!

Helpful: Two year-old love to help out! Patrick likes to help me water the flowers, sweep, do my make-up, clean-up and anything I will let him do. This is the age where you can start having them help out and take on small tasks and chores (score!).


Gross: Seriously though…they are gross. From nose picking, to eating things off the ground, 2 year-olds are seriously gross! Don’t even get me started on the transition to potty training…


Messy: Toddlers LOVE to make a mess! Expect some major messes at mealtime, arts-and-crafts time, non-arts-and-crafts time when your 2 year-old still chooses to color on things…even bath time is somehow messy!


Loving: Patrick is so affectionate, and I love it. He loves to show he cares through hugs, head bumps, kisses and words. It is just the best!


Amazing: A 2 year-old is a sponge that seems to just soak up new knowledge on a daily basis. They are learning new words, songs, skills and more all the time. A bummer is that you have to start watching what you say around them. That means no more watching Scandal while Patrick is awake!


Difficult: At this age, they start developing their own opinions and ideas of how things should go. Not cool! “No” is often their new favorite word, and Patrick sure knows how to use it!



Expensive: There is a lot of growing that happens while a child is 2. That means more money on food and clothing. Plus, they are growing out of all those infant supplies (crib, board books, bottles, diapers, etc) and are needing more “big kid” supplies (toddler bed, picture books, sippy cups, pull-ups, etc). It is an expensive transition!



Stressful: Along with all of this transitioning comes so many decisions for the parents! When are you starting preschool? Where will they go to preschool? Should you start potty training? How should you tackle potty training? Is he ready for a toddler bed? Ugh!



Adorable: There is not much that is more adorable than a 2 year-old playing with another toddler. They get so silly, and when they hug goodbye, my heart just melts! These kiddos are just adorable by nature!



Entertaining: The world is their stage, and 2 year-olds love to entertain! From dancing and singing, to reading a book, toddlers love to do anything that will get your attention.



Temperamental: A 2 year-old is like a ticking time-bomb. Once minute they are laughing, but the next minute you chose the wrong shirt for the day and it’s screamsville! The infamous tantrums are a 2 year-old are not exaggerated, and worst of all you know now what will set them off!

From mean muggin’ to happy in a matter of seconds. #toddlerlife #emotions #glasscaseofemotion #fathersday A photo posted by Kristen Kelly (@readysetparenthood) on


Curious: The curiosity of a 2 year-old is amazing to watch. As they sit and discover, we get to watch the wheels turning in the head.


Daring: That curiosity can often lead to terror for the parents! Patrick has become (too) adventuresome, and loves to climb anything within his reach to get to everything outside of his reach! We have many bumps and bruises as proof.



Hungry: Patrick is always eating! However, what exactly is he eating! The kids is always hungry, but just like any 2 year-old, has opinions about what he should be fed. Luckily he isn’t too picky, but he won’t touch a vegetable! Oh, and he could survive on cheese and M&M’s if we let him.



Loud: Oh boy, 2 year-olds can be loud! It can be a happy song they are belting out, or the ear-piercing shriek of disapproval because you put on Dora when he wanted Doc McStuffins. Either way, they let you know what is on their mind, and at high volume.



Embarassing: Have you paid for open food at the grocery? Dealt with a blow-out diaper someplace with no changing stations? Looked at your screaming child on the floor of a public establishment while asking everyone “Who’s kid is this?” You might have a 2 year-old!


Gone: Love them or hate them, the “terrible twos” will be gone before you know it. So take the time to enjoy every moment while you can. Two really is a great age, and I have enjoyed is so far with Patrick. Make memories that will last, and hug your 2 year-old when he will let you!



I come around the corner to this, and he say “Hi Mom!” like he hasn’t thrown pull-ups all over the stairs. #toddlerlife

A photo posted by Kristen Kelly (@readysetparenthood) on


What other words can you think of that describe the age of 2?

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  1. dolly1234@eircom.net'
    Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    As the mother of a two and a half year old boy I loved this post and nodded along. Definitely better words than terrible! :)

  2. mommato5kiddos@aol.com'
    Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    You about summed it up. Our little guy just turned 3 and he’s still doing all of this lol. His nickname is curious george because he’s so curious about everything.

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