8 Reasons My Planner Has Become My Happy Place

When you find that planner that just “gets you”, it’s a magical thing. Last October, I purchased a Happy Planner. Our lives were crazy, and I needed to get organized.

Little did I know, this planner would not only get us organized, but it would soon become my “happy place.” Here are 8 reasons why I am in LOVE with my new planner!

1. I’m more organized (duh)

As should be the case with any planner, mine has allowed me to get more organized. I am able to plan by the month, as well as by the week. I have used color-coding to organized everyone’s individual schedules for the month.

I still have my Google calendar so that I can share various calendars with others, but I needed something I could touch, write on, cross stuff out on, and put sticky-notes on.

2. Lists, lists, and more lists

I love a good to-do list. Nothing is quite as satisfying as crossing an item off of a to-do list. I love the to-do list stickers, as well as the pages that are available for my planner. I’ve also gotten a little crazy with my colored pens when it comes to my lists.

3. My goals are always within reach (literally)

To start 2017, I created a page in my planner to visually represent my goals for the year, as well as the steps I need to take to achieve them. I love looking at this page. It is at the front of my planner, and I can look at it whenever I need some motivation.

4. Tracking my progress

Maybe it’s the math teacher in me, but I love a good data tracker. To go along with my 2017 goals, I created trackers to allow me to visually represent my journey towards achieving a few of them. I created a Weight Loss Tracker, as well as a Total Money Makeover Tracker.

5. Meal planning and grocery list central

To help with my weight-loss and budgeting goals, we are focusing on meal planning this year. In my Home Planner expansion pack, there is a section for meal planning, along with making your grocery list. We are one week in, and so far it has been a big help!

6. Budgeting

Also in the Home Planner pack is a section for budgeting. I keep our 2-week budget in a Google Sheet, but I like using the monthly budget section of the planner to reflect on how well we kept within our expenses for the month. Sorry, no peeking into how we spend our money! ;)

7. My weekly moment of zen

Each Sunday, I set aside some time to set-up my planner. This has become “Mommy-Time” each week. It’s my moment to release some stress through creativity, and reset for the next week. It pairs well with wine and some LuLaRoe too!

8. Because it’s just pretty and fun!

With all of the colored pens, stickers, and washi tape, it is just taking adult coloring books to the next level! It is a lot of fun to look at, and I can personalize each week to look different. Here are a few of my favorite layouts from the last several months.

So, my planner is now my “happy place”. It is something I do for me, and it makes me feel good. It’s something I block out time for every week, and is just for me.

What is your “happy place”?

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