When your baby have been co-sleeping with you, the transition from sleeping with a parent to sleeping on their own can sometimes be tricky and it does take time.

Many tips out there focus on the idea of getting a routine in order and your child associating nighttime with sleep. The sooner the child gets the connection between nighttime and sleep the more likely they will be able to start going to sleep on their own without any difficulty.

However do not forget the aspect of transition during this time as well. Many parents overlook the idea of that transition of being awake and falling asleep when they try getting their little one to fall asleep on their own.

Therefore here are some transition techniques one can try.

Fathering down is one technique one can try out. Before putting the baby in the bed have the father cradle the baby in a way that the head will rest on the fathers neck. The father then talks gently to the baby. A male’s voice is said to be deeper than a female’s. Therefore babies will more easily be soothed by it. This will help them get to sleep much more easily.

Another technique one can try is known as wearing down. If the baby has been quite active during the day this is sure to help them. When active, they will be too excited to go to sleep. Place the baby on a sling or carrier for about half and hour before bedtime. Go about your regular activities in the house. Your child gets to be close to you and slowly rocked to sleep at the same time. This will make it easy for them to go from being awake to being asleep.

A last resort one can do is something called driving down. This is considered to be only used when all other ideas do not work. Put the baby in the car and simply drive about until they fall asleep. It usually works all the time despite being a bit inconvenient. As they always say desperate times calls for desperate measures and that is true for this case.

Of course you do not want to have to drive every single night just to get a baby to fall asleep. Nor do you want to constantly carry them around in a pouch like a kangaroo. However, you will only have to do these very drastic things until you ease out of them slowly.  Bear in mind that this is a major time for the baby since they have never slept on their own before. They have to work out the idea of separating the feeling of being awake and falling asleep on their own.

Good sleeping habits will come out of the process. It is all about patience and time. In the end you and your child will both have a good night of sleep. What can be wrong with that?