An increased involvement of parents is said to provide the best start when it comes to getting into the school year.

It is said that for students to achieve their full potential in education, it is best for the parents to take some sort of role in the aspect of their education. Parents should be their child’s favorite teacher in a way.

These are five steps that parents can take to start the school year.  Not all of us have the time and priviledge to juggle all of these suggestions, but we can mix and match or try to commit to some.

Join the Parent Reps, Committee or any parent group the school may offer

When you are in a group you get to participate in school events and you can help the school reach goals.

Make sure to meet the teachers

You can tell the teachers about any hobbies or interest your child might have. Visit the classrooms and you do to even have to wait for a parent teacher conference night to do so. Make sure to give the teacher your phone number and email address if you want to.

Check with your child daily

Check in on them on what they learned in school and set up times for homework and also make a reading time with them even for fun.

Know all the employees of the school

It can the librarian, counselor, cafeteria worker, bus driver, and even the nurse. These are all personals that will come to know the students in a way. The relationship that they develop with your child will go on from year to year as your child moves up from one grade to another.

Check in on the schools web site often

Be sure your child is learning what they need to know in order to meet the standards for their grade. Many schools will more than likely offer homework materials that can be views online as well as class schedules.

Start the school year off right. Make sure to give the idea that learning does not stop at the doors of school. In a way it is always endless. There is nothing better than a lovely school year.