Whether you are in business by yourself, or employ 1-2 people, every business will benefit from low cost marketing. The following are some strategies you can use to expose your business.

1. Article writing. This will not only ensure you become an expert in your chosen field, it gives you great exposure for your business. Once you have chosen a topic to write about, ensure your article includes lots of tips and ideas that readers can take away to put to use.

2. Strategic Alliances. This entails forming partnerships with other businesses that target the same market as you. For example, a baby photographer, a baby clothes shop, a baby bedding business etc. All 3 of those target mothers with newborns, and can work together to ensure referrals are passed on.

3. Newsletter Swaps. Working together with other like minded businesses as above, can also mean swapping spaces in each others newsletters. Ensure you put a good offer that each business can give to their database. This will help you to grow your own. Just approach another business and ask to swap. Be careful that your databases match up in numbers. It’s no good approaching someone who has 2000 on their database if you only have 100. Make it win – win at all times.

4. Press Releases. Extremely valuable tool – only if you have something to offer the media! Too many times I’ve seen people get a press release written, only to find that the media deem it un-newsworthy! Have an event, or tag onto a special occasion on the calendar.

5. Networking. Online forums and offline events are always extremely effective tools- provided you don’t join up just expecting customers. These are to build your credibility, learn off others, and basically to get your name out and about. Expect to give your time and expertise- and don’t expect a customer every time. Networking is about having fun, meeting new people and developing a reputation.