Date Night at Whole Foods Market

As parents, it is hard to find time to get out of the house for a date night. We love family outings, but we are not just parents. We are also husband and wife, so making date night a priority is important. Dave and I like to look for unique ways to get out of the house, and when we learned about Wine Down Wednesdays at our local Whole Foods Market. We decided to book our babysitter and enjoy an unconventional date night out at the grocery store!

Date Night at Whole Foods Market

**This post is sponsored by Whole Foods Market Cleveland. Our dinner was provided to help facilitate this post. I received no other compensation. All alcohol was purchased by us.**

Whole Foods might not be the first place that comes to mind when you are thinking of a date night, but after our fun evening it is now going to be one of our favorite date night options. Here is how we spent our night!


Dinner at The Kitchen Counter

We began our evening with dinner at The Kitchen Counter, the restaurant inside the Cleveland location of Whole Foods. At The Kitchen Counter, you sit at a bar that surrounds the kitchen, completely open to the store and its guests. Your food is fresh, and prepared right in front of you!


They gave us some delicious popcorn to snack on while we looked over the menu. The menu included a wide variety, all made with fresh ingredients from the store! They also had a build-your-own burger menu.

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We chose the Pickle Plate as an appetizer, which included a variety of pickled vegetables. Dave was a bit skeptical when I picked it out, but he enjoyed it (except for the beets)! We each enjoyed a glass of wine too (prosecco for me and cabernet sauvignon for Dave).


We had such a hard time deciding on what to have for dinner. Everything looked so good! Dave decided on the Pasta of the Day, which for our date night was Cavatappi with Pesto and Chicken. I snuck a few bites, and the fresh pesto was amazing!


I took a risk and tried something I had never had before…vegetable pasta! This fresh (and vegan-friendly) option has spiral cut vegetables topped with marinara and fresh basil. It was so good! A delicious and healthy option to replace traditional pasta, that I might try to do at home too!


Wine Tasting at Wine Down Wednesday


On Wednesday evenings from 5-8pm, our local Whole Foods hosts Wine Down Wednesdays at The Kitchen Counter. The event features a flight of 4-5 wines for $10, all centered around the theme for the month. August’s theme was “Flights of Spain”, and the night we went featured wines from the Mediterranean Coast.


Meet Tony! Tony is the wine expert! He picked out all of the wines that we tasted. As he poured them, he educated us on the type of wine, as well as the region of Spain where it was from. We learned a lot from Tony!


Dave and I are both wine, drinkers, so it was nice to taste some new wines that we would not have picked out on our own.


Wine Down Wednesdays is a fun, inexpensive and educational way to spend a date night! We will definitely be doing it again!

Kid-Free Grocery Shopping and Dessert


After we finished our wine tasting, we took a trip around the grocery store…kid-free! It is amazing how different the experience can be when you aren’t trying to simultaneously remember everything on your list while entertaining a toddler. We were able to multi-task date night with an errand, and turn our evening into a productive one!


We browsed the bakery for dessert to enjoy at home. There were so many fresh, delicious looking options to choose from! We picked up some cupcakes, including one for Patrick and his babysitter.


After we checked out (without having to pay for any opened food used to calm a toddler), it was time to head home.



My date on our way home. Wonderful date night at @wfmcedarcenter! #wholefoods #datenight #unconventionaldate #sponsored

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Whole Foods Market was not the first place to come to mind when I thought of date night ideas, but I am so glad we went. We will definitely be spending more date nights there in the future!

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