Easy DIY Daniel Tiger Halloween Costume

For Halloween this year, there was no question who my son would dress-up as…Daniel Tiger! Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is Patrick’s favorite show (and one that I don’t mind watching either). I was so excited to see my little tiger all dressed up for Halloween. I even found an official Daniel Tiger costume online

Daniel Tiger costume

However, when I went to order the costume, they were sold out of the 2T sizes. We had Boo at the Zoo the following weekend, so it was time for me to get creative and come up with a DIY Daniel Tiger costume for Patrick, and Mom & Dad Tiger costumes for Dave and I.

Easy DIY Daniel Tiger Halloween Costumes

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DIY Daniel Tiger

Toddler tiger costume

Red hooded sweatshirt

Red tennis shoes (I couldn’t find red, so I purchased white ones and used a red sharpie to color them)

Black make-up crayon to create whiskers and nose

Dad Tiger

Tiger ears headband

Dark blue zip-up hoodie

Adult inmate costume. Why? It is easier to find than orange adult pants. I used the pants from this costume and drew tiger stripes on them with a black sharpie to make tiger legs for Dad Tiger.

Blue tennis shoes

Black make-up crayon to create whiskers and nose

Mom Tiger

Tiger headband

Floral shirt (Mom Tiger’s shirt looks a little like scrubs)


Black make-up crayon to create whiskers and nose

Our Tiger Family has had a fun Halloween so far!

Tiger Family Having Fun

What is your family dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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  1. meldeardurff@gmail.com'
    Melissande says:

    Love, love, love the costumes! I especially love it that you did it yourself. I am always uber impressed when people pull together costumes that really look like what they were going for. #creativityfordays ! :)

  2. jac@lovejac.com'
    Jackie says:

    Love this!! My son just asked to be Daniel Tiger for Halloween this year!! I am on the hunt tomorrow to diy this costume!! Great job! And I’m totally going to have my husband be Dad Tiger!! (my daughter is going as sophia the first so I might be her mom) Love your costume too!!

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