Family Friendly Halloween Fun at I-X Trick or Treat Street

Halloween can be a time of year for family fun, but it can also be a scary time for parents with young children. With concerns around strangers, unsafe candy, and bath weather, it can be difficult to plan Halloween fun for your family. I-X Trick or Treat Streets helps to trade those fear for fun with a family-friendly opportunity for everyone!
IX Trick or Treat Street in Cleveland
I was provided with free tickets for my family to attend this event to help facilitate my review. I received no other compensation for this post.

Welcome to IX Trick or Treat Street!

We dressed up our little Daniel Tiger and took full advantage of this family-friendly Halloween event at the I-X Center in Cleveland! I-X Trick or Treat Street is a Spooktacular indoor Halloween event for kids ages 10 & younger.

Our little Daniel Tiger at IX Trick or Treat Street!
When you walk into the event, you are greeted with amusement rides and festival foods galore! There are a variety of kid-sized rides for your little ones to enjoy:

Bounce House – 48” to ride
Mardi Gras – 42” to ride alone (under 42” w/resp person)
Merry Go Round – 42” to ride alone (under 42” w/resp person)
Spider Mania – 36”-48” to ride
Bear Affair – 42” to ride alone  (30”-42” w/resp person)
Street Racer– 36”- 54” to ride
Appleworm 30”-48” to ride
Dragon Wagon 36”-56” to ride alone (30”-36” w/resp person)
Yo-Yo 42” to ride (max 170lbs)
Super Slide – 48” to ride alone  (30”-48” w/resp person)
Scooter – 48” to ride alone  (36”-48” w/resp person, 48” to drive)
Safari Bus – 42” to ride alone  (30”-42” w/resp person)
Frog Hopper – 36” to ride alone
3D Mystery Manor: a not-so-scary 3D maze, just for kids, complete with a vortex tunnel

(List taken from and is subject to change)

Fun rides at IX Trick or Treat Street

The event also features 12 not-so-scary themed candy stations in the Trick or Treat Street for your little one to visit. Each one was decorated with a fun theme, and friendly volunteers passed out candy to the excited children

Trick or Treat Street1 Trick or Treat Street 3 Trick or Treat Street 3

A schedule of live entertainment occurred during the event, including Mr. Zap and his thrill show, Jungle Bob and his creepy critters Halloween show, spooky storytelling, and comedy juggler Matt Jergens! We didn’t get a chance to catch any of the shows, but they sounded like a fun time! However, one of Patrick’s favorite parts of the event was a toy vendor that had a bubble gun!

Fun with bubbles at IX Trick or Treat Street

Overall, it was a fun event, but Patrick was still a little young. I would recommend the event for children ages 4-10 in order to get the most out of it! It is a great option to make sure your kids get the trick or treat experience and don’t get rained (or snowed) out with Cleveland’s unpredictable weather. The event has ended for the 2014 season, but definitely check it out when it makes its way back to Cleveland in 2015!

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