7 Reasons Fantasy Football is a Win for Long Distance Families

My husband and I have been participating in Fantasy Football leagues for a long time. We are avid football fans, so we enjoy adding even more fun to football season. This year, I talked my side of the family into doing a family Fantasy Football league. We are spread out across Ohio and in Texas, so it is rare that we are all together at one time. It has turned out to be a great way to keep our long distance family connected!

7 Reasons Fantasy Football is a Win for Long Distance Families

1. Weekly Reason to Stay Connected

When your family is spread out, it becomes difficult to stay connected, especially all at the same time. Everyone is busy with their own lives, and it becomes difficult to find time to check-in with everyone, especially if you come from a large family. Our Fantasy Football league has given us a weekly reason to stay connected. Each week, I send out a weekly wrap-up via Facebook messenger, and we have a chance to talk about football or things going on in our lives.
2. Fun for Beginners and Experts

At the beginning, my family was a bit hesitant to do the league. My husband and I were the only ones who had really done Fantasy Football, and they were worried that they would be totally lost. The nice thing about Fantasy Football is that it is fun for beginners and “experts”. It is easy to catch-on to, and the weekly projected numbers help in setting up your line-up. After a few weeks, everyone had figured things out, and trust me, Dave and I are not leading the league.
3. Trophies

We use ESPN’s Fantasy Football platform, which allows us to create weekly trophies and awards that can be handed out. I love this feature because it allows us to acknowledge little victories (like biggest win) or not so great moments (like most points left on the bench) each week. Trophies earn either positive or negative starts, so it creates a little secondary competition besides the win-loss record.
4. Healthy Competition

A little healthy competition is a great thing. It has been fun competing against family members each week, and trying to adjust my line-up to give my team the best chance of winning! This year has been particularly interesting with all of the suspensions!
5. Smack Talk

Along with healthy competition comes the SMACK TALK! We do have to be careful since my 10 year-old brother is in the league, but the smack talk each week is one of the fun parts of the league!
6. Bragging Rights

Each week comes with its own victories, giving bragging rights to the victors. Although, as my sister learned early on, the season is long and things can change quickly! The league winner will have bragging rights until the start of next season. We are going to be getting a trophy that the league winner can keep until the end of the following season, just to sweeten the win! We don’t do a paid league, but some who play opt to have players pay a fee, and then the winners get prize money at the end too.

7. Each Year Resets

Each season has a restart button. With the next season, you pick a new team from a new draft. If you didn’t do great one season, it has no effect on how you will do the next season. This is great so that members don’t get discouraged, and you can stay focused on the fun of it all!

We use ESPN for our Fantasy League, but some other popular ones are Yahoo and NFL. Don’t like football? There are Fantasy leagues out there for baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey too!

How does your family stay connected? 

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