If you are in the process of making a children’s play area you may be at a point where you are deciding what type of filler is best. Here is a closer look at some of the most popular material that is used when it comes to the surfaces of children play areas.

Play Bark

Most people avoid this seen it can be a bit expensive. However the advantages are quite nice. It is completely natural and does not easily blow away. It packs down quite nicely to give a carpet effect. Just make sure to regularly rake it in order to clear up foreign objects.

Pea Gravel

This is often used in playground areas. It is a cheap alternative to play bark or wood chip. It looks quite decorative and very nice when applied. You should use edging in order to keep it contained.

Recycled Coloured Woodchip

This is a great play area filler. This is one that is also a bit pricey but the money will be well spent. The low moisture content of it means it will last for at least 5 times longer than a play bark product. A 5 cm layer of it is good enough in order to book out sunlight and weed growth.

Recycled Mulch

Tree clippings and grass can be ground up quite easily and turned into mulch. It is quite common in play areas. This is a good choice if one does not want a lot of weed growth since trees naturally have weed deterrent.

Artificial Grass Carpet

Artificial grass carpet is something worth considering. It dries quite quickly which means children can play in it while rest of garden area is still wet. It can be removed and placed in another area when cleaning is needed for it.