Your beloved pet might have already seen your new baby. However, at the same time a new human is suddenly brought into their life. The two are going to have to know how to get along. There is a high chance that everything will work out right away and the pet and child will become close friends. However here are some things you can do to prepare yourself.

Here are some tips for dog owners:

  1. Stay out of Nursery – Train your dog to stay out of the nursery area. Put up a baby gate or keep the door close in order to help the dog learn to stay out of the room. Later on you can allow the dog to go in, when you are there. However, it is better to prepare them to stay away at first.
  2. Introduce the dog to Babies – If the dog has never been around a baby before, carefully introduce it to some. The dog will be more than likely not be anxious around your baby if it has been around others.
  3. Well trained – Make sure your dog is well trained. Behavior from a baby can be unpredictable, so the dog have to be the grown up. If the dog does not obey you, you might have to train before the baby comes. If it is a male dog and is not neutered it might be good for you to do that. It will hopefully calm the dog and make them more well-behaved.

Here are some ideas for cat owners:

One thing with cats is that the basic ideas for dog mannerism applies to cats too. However, there are a few extra things to consider with cats.

  1. Purchase a net to go over the crib – because cats can easily get over the gates meant for the dog.
  2. Separate Beds – if the cat sleeps with you it will be best not to put your baby in bed with you if the cat is in the room.

For cats and dogs keep the food and water bowls away from the baby. Babies love to play with bowls and they can make quite a mess of it. It can also make the animal a bit jealous. The baby will more than likely will also want to eat the pet food and you cannot have that!

Pet and child should have a good relationship with one another and little trouble. Just be patient and diligent with the process. Everyone will get comfortable eventually. However, please note that pets are animals, their relationship with a minor should always be under constant adult supervision.