Getting through the first trimester of a pregnancy can sometimes be quite a journey. In the first 12 weeks, your body will experience quite a lot of changes which may cause you to experience some discomforts. To help you to get through this and to learn on what to expect here is a list of changes that you may be facing in the near future, and how to deal with them if they do come around.

Morning Sickness/Nausea

As the uterus muscles stretches and pressure builds on the digestive tract the release of extra stomach acids is more than likely to happen. The body tends to respond to this by vomiting. This may also increase your sensitivity to smell and therefore increase irritability and vomiting chances.

However for most women this will not last long. After the third month, usually the vomiting will stop.  Don’t worry, the vomiting has no harm on the baby.

In order to deal with morning sickness, try not to eat large meals. Eat small frequent meals during the day and also put in some good carbohydrates in the diet as well such as bread. Bring on the proteins too! Both have been shown to help with morning sickness. Avoid fatty acid whenever you can.

Light Headed

During pregnancy, the body is pumping overtime in order to provide extra blood for the arms and legs. Therefore you may experience dizziness due to decrease blood flow to the brain. Low blood sugar levels can also impact this feeling as well. Eat plenty of protein filled meals and frequent small meals in order to help with this problem.

Breast Swelling

Progesterone and estrogen are being released by the body in order to prepare for the new arrival. The breasts receive the message to produce milk so one may feed the baby when the time comes.  As a result the areolas are more than likely going to enlarge and become darker. Increased sensitivity to the breasts may also be noticed as well as white bumps. Blue lines may also be seen as well. These are your blood vessels working to supply blood to the breast area. As you get to the later stages of pregnant you may want to buy a different bra size in order to help with breast swelling possibilities.

Shortness Of Breath/ Fatigue

Fatigue and other changes that can be brought during this time period. Even while you sleep the body is continuing to support the baby. Therefore, it is going to need a bit more rest. Fatigue is more than likely to come up as a result and will go away once the body gets use to it.  To prevent irritability and tiredness get as much sleep as you can. Try to aim for eight hours each night. Keep up with a proper diet of vitamins and nutrients since you are feeding two people. Take any vitamins that your doctor recommends for you. Try to get in some exercise too. Try doing light jogs, or long walks. They can help your body get used to the all the work that it is doing. However you should remember to keep everything balanced. Too much exercise or too much rest can increase that fatigue if balance is not maintained.

Irritability/ Mood

Because of the burst in hormones mood swings can be quite common. It is the same mood swings that come when a woman goes through the pre-menstrual syndrome.

Urination Frequency

Because the uterus is pressing against the organs the bladder is going to take quite the impact. Therefore you are going to need bathroom trips more often. However once the uterus settles down this feeling should go away for a while. When the third trimester comes around this feeling may return. Lean forward while urinating in order to empty the bladder quickly and to help decrease the frequency of urination.

These are some of the discomforts one may experience during the first trimester. Others include cravings, heartburn, and even changes in veins. Be prepared for what is to come and have those check-ups as needed. Keep on a proper diet, take those vitamins, and get in some good exercise too.