So many women are shocked when they find out just how many things they can’t eat and enjoy during pregnancy. Though the list of “no nos” may be long, the bottom line is that it’s about common sense and good balanced nutrition. You want to fuel your pregnancy with all the right foods and you also want to be sure that you get as many nutrients as possible to the baby.

It’s true when they say that you are what you eat, and pregnancy is the best time to consider this. When you practice good nutrition during pregnancy you give your baby and yourself all of the benefits of clean and healthy eating. You also develop good eating habits which will benefit you and your baby well into the future. So if you ever needed a reason to focus on good nutrition, let pregnancy be the milestone that leads you towards a bright healthy future.

Eat Using The Food Pyramid As A Guide

When in doubt use the food pyramid to guide you and to create the best nutrition options. This is likely the same food pyramid that you learned about when you were a child, and though there have been some modifications the ideas remain the same. This provides an excellent foundation by which to make sound choices that combine all the best foods.

You want to eat from each of the categories throughout the course of a day. The categories include:

  • Lean proteins
  • Whole grains
  • Low fat dairy products
  • Good fats
  • Loads of fruits and vegetables.

Each of these categories have major health benefits that will carry you successfully through your pregnancy. You will also find that in addition to this wonderful source of fuel, you are giving your baby nutrients and developmental supplements that will ensure their good health at birth.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Out of Control

Something important for pregnant women to remember which also comes as quite a shock—pregnancy is not an excuse to eat whatever you want! Though many women use pregnancy as a means by which to give into any craving that comes their way, this sort of shift from good nutrition can come back to bite you. The problem is that the wrong foods can cause you to gain too much weight and can even cause your baby not to develop as they should.

Sure an occasional craving is great as this is not a time to diet or deprive yourself, but make this a special treat or exception. If you give into every craving that you have then you will get out of control very quickly. Never count calories but do be diligent about keeping a good healthy diet. Think of what you can get out of foods and then use this to fuel you and to offer up important nutrients to your baby. This mindset can help tremendously!

Balanced Healthy Eating In The Right Way for Mom and Baby

It’s about WHAT you eat, but also HOW you eat as well. You want to opt for smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Not only does this keep your energy level up, but it keeps a nice flow of nutrients going to the baby as well. Rather than skipping a meal and then overindulging, the smaller meal more frequently approach is the way that you were intended to eat in the first place.

If you consider that the foods that you eat offer up key nutrients, energy, and supplement your baby’s healthy development, then balanced nutrition is a no brainer. This is a great way to enjoy a variety of foods that are all health and full of the nutrients that your baby needs, and that will help you to keep at your best during pregnancy. Think of balanced nutrition as a piece of the puzzle that will contribute to your best health during pregnancy and to the true well being of your baby now and into their future.