Here we go!

I am writing this first post as an anxious, expectant mother 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  I have been on maternity leave for 2 weeks already, so therefore have nothing left to distract me during the endless (or so it seems) period between now and when my son decides to finally make his entrance into the world.  It seemed as good a time as any to begin this blog that my husband and I have been talking about starting for a while.   

Our plan for this blog is to share information we have learned and moments we have shared during the past 10 months as we prepared for our first child, as well as documenting our journey into parenthood.  As our family grows, we anticipate our knowledge will as well, and plan to use this blog as a place to share what we have learned with others, as well as remind ourselves next time around.  So welcome into our world as we prepare to welcome our son any day now, and will truly learn what the phrase “sink or swim” means.  Here’s to keeping our heads above water!

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