What We ALL Learned When Mommy Attended a Conference



For the past 3 years, I have had the privilege of being and AVID elective teacher in my school.  AVID is an amazing program (I won’t go into my AVID commercial, so if you don’t know anything about it, please do check out their website to learn more!), and each summer they offer Summer Institutes as an opportunity for AVID educators to continue their learning and improve their own sites.  Last summer I was on maternity leave, so I did not attend.  This summer I joined my site team and traveled to Indianapolis to absorb some great AVID training!


Traveling to this 3 day summer institute was different than other years I had attended however.  I was now a mom, and this trip meant leaving my son for the first time (for more than a 12 hour time period), as well as dad’s first time parenting solo.  We were all up for the challenge, we all came out of it alive, and we all learned something too!

Mommy learned…

…new ideas to try in her classroom this year.

…Indianapolis is a BEAUTIFUL city!

conference4 IMG_20140713_210417

…how to use a mobile hotspot.  $15 a day for internet? No thank you!

…how to use Google Hangouts.


…how to sleep in a bed without having to share. It was a nice one too!


…that it was OK for me to be away.  Life went on even while I was gone, and my family was fine!

…I was missed.

Daddy Learned…

…so THAT’S why mommy is so tired!

…our son is hilarious.



…how to most efficiently clean up puke.

…how to sleep with a toddler in the bed.

…how to write an awesome blog post.

…he could handle things while mommy was away.

…he really missed mommy.

Patrick learned…

…it is fun to puke on daddy.

…Google Hangouts with mommy are fun!


…his friends from daycare are still there!

…daddy knows what he is doing.

…he really, really missed mommy!

…clinging on to me for days after I returned and not letting me out of his sight is an effective way to make me stay put for a while!

How was your first trip away from your child?




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  1. mahala@barefootblog.co.uk'
    Barefoot Mahala says:

    My youngest is 19 months old and I haven’t had a night away from him yet. When I won a trip to France last year through work, he came with me; he’s been to my work annual conference. He still breastfeeds a lot, so although I was ready for a break, I knew it would be a lot, maybe too much, for the rest of the family to deal with.

    Next year, next year ….
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