Being responsible for our children from baby into the stage of adulthood, raising and educating them is a great challenge and is not easy. Even after they’ve moved into adulthood, we never fully stop being parents and will always try to make sure that they’re doing well. However, as a paradox, in order to reduce parental stress, we might need to learn how to be less of a parent.

We want to protect our children from the world, as any good parents do, but in order for them to learn to deal with the world, we need to let them to learn from their own mistakes. It will, of course make your parental stress worse for a little while, but it will be better for both you and your children in the long run. This does not mean that we should not keep an eye on them anymore, but we should let them be imperfect and to learn to find their own way.

Helpful Tips for Reducing Parental Stress

Our children are bound to become rebellious sometimes, especially during the teenager years, and even though they will probably act in a way that may shock us, but we have to learn to keep our stress to a minimum. These are some of the things that might help us:

  • Teenagers are far from perfect, but neither are adults.
  • Teenagers most naturally want to go their own way.
  • Do not forget what it was like when we were their age.
  • It might seemed bad, but they might have their own very valid reason, try to listen to find out what is going on inside their heads.

There will be times when the parental stress gets too much, don’t hesitate to seek for help! Seek support groups and forums online or around your community or simply through those closest around you.

By managing our parental stress, we can allow our children to grow up in a more level-headed positive environment, therefore teaching them responsibilities and keep our emotions in check. This way you will have a better quality family life and can together enjoy life as a family.

Conventional and Unconventional Stress-Relievers

Below are some original and creative stress relievers that works for me and my family to feel more relax and to enjoy our life.

Maintain a Clean and Organized Living Space: Get your house organised and clean, and you’ll be able to turn your home into a beautiful, comforting environment where you can escape from daily stress.

Surround Yourself With a Supportive Social Group: Make a commitment to see more people to develop better relationships for yourself and your children. You’ll find that there are so many people in your situation with the same age children are within the school, and when you find a helpful social group you will find that it is worth the effort.

Play With Your Children: Walk, shop, talk, run, and cook with them. Kids are fun! So what better way to enjoy them than by having lots of fun with them. Play and interact with your children can be a great diversion from your stress, and your children will love you for it.

Gardening: With the reward of daily delicious organic food, and beautiful colourful yard.  Digging, planting, fertilizing and tending a garden of vegetables or flowers, can be a wonderfully relaxing time.  While sunshine is a great source of Vitamin D, the physical activity and being out and about itself is also the best stress reliever,

Singing, Loudly: Do you know that loud vocalization releases tension from your body? A fun way to start the day is by singing in the shower and in the car! Turn up the volume of the radio and just go crazy.

Put on Some Music: For those of you who don’t feel like singing, you can also just listen! Start your day by listening to a good music, it will create positive energy and a soothing sense of peace. Music can also compliment your hobbies! Go for a jog, do your gardening, write in your journal, or even do your ironing while listening to music will enhance the experience.

Stretch in the Shower: Start your day feeling more relaxed and be ready to handle whatever comes your way, by loosening your muscles under the warm shower, and stretch to help you release stored tensions.

Eat a Balanced Breakfast: Yes the first thing you might think of as soon as you open your eyes might be Coffee. But never forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! A good healthy meal in the morning with plenty of protein and fruits can balance your blood sugar level to give you the strength you need to face your day.

Morning Walk: With or without your kids, a morning walk can get you ready for the day and lower your stress level. A night time walk can make you sleep better at night and reduce many health conditions.

Drink Green Tea: Green tea is loaded with antioxidants.  Green tea is also so delicious and can be a great healthy alternative. Drinking a daily warm cup of tea will help you feeling nurtured.

Write in Your Journal: Blogging or journaling actually has a great health and stress management benefits. It can help you keep focused on what’s important in life, it helps you to process all the negative emotions that you have bubbled up inside, and will hopefully eventually solve your stress problems.

Organize Your Time: Keep a schedule and stick to it. Try not to always follow through to urgent, excessive demands of your time. You will have more time to do the important things in your life such as having fun with your children!

Take Care of Your Body: An unhealthy body causes big stress, so try to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, get massages, and exercising daily. Take care of your body, and it will return the favour.


Hopefully, when you develop these stress-reliever habits, you’ll experience less parental stress and will lead you to a happier and healthier family lifestyle.