Mighty Mug: The Mug That Won’t Fall Over {Review & Giveaway}

Getting in that morning cup of coffee can be tricky as a parent. I have to make sure my cup is in a place that can’t be reached by a clumsy toddler or wagging tail of a dog. Most days, I forget where I have put my cup and it is cold by the time I get to drink it. With the Mighty Mug however, I think I have found the solution to my morning caffeine struggles!

Mighty Mug Review and Giveaway

**I received a complimentary Mighty Mug to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions are my own.**

Have you heard of the Mighty Mug? It is known as “the mug that won’t fall over.” This BPA free mug uses Smartgrip technology so that is can’t be pushed over, but will lift like any other mug!

I was excited when mine arrived so I could test this baby out!


What I really was excited to find out was if this mug was toddler proof, dog proof, and life proof! I was amazed by how the mug worked! It was almost like magic! Check out exactly what makes the Mighty Mug so “mighty”!

  One of my favorite times to use my Mighty Mug is when I am loading up my son in the car. It sticks perfectly to the roof of my car, and I don’t have to worry about it tumbling and spilling on my head (which has totally happened before with other travel mugs).


I’m not the only one either! If you happen to forget the Mighty Mug on your car, it will stay there too! Check out what happened when someone else took the Mighty Mug for a ride!

This mug has been a game changer!

Mighty Mug Giveaway

Mighty Mug Logo

Enter to win a $30 gift card to purchase your own Mighty Mug! Entries will be collected through 7/26 at 9 pm EST.

The giveaway has ended! The winner (Amanda R.) has been contacted. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Click HERE to enter!

Where would you use your Mighty Mug?


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