If you are stuck on what to buy for a newborn baby, below are some lovely baby gift ideas!

The letters of the baby’s name to hang on the wall or door.

dot pointThere are lots of new baby gifts you can have personalised – teddies, bibs, clothes, quilts, books, photo frames, jigsaw puzzles etc.
dot pointA voucher to have the baby’s hands and/or feet sculpted. For many parents this can be their most treasured possession!
dot pointA tree to plant to mark the baby’s birth.
dot pointA piece of jewellery to put away for when the baby is older which has the baby’s birthstone or name engraved on it.
dot pointA voucher for some professional photography of the baby. Some baby photographers have packages which include numerous sittings and prints, for example sittings at birth, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.
dot pointThere are lots of baby gifts you can have personalised – teddies, bibs, clothes, quilts, books, photo frames, jigsaw puzzles etc.
dot pointA photo album or box to store all those precious memories. If the baby’s parents have a digital camera this will also encourage them to get some photos printed rather than just always looking at them on the computer.
dot pointToys, clothes and books to grow into are always a great bonus for later on.
dot pointA gift voucher from a baby store – there’s always something parents need for their babies that’s a luxury they would not buy themselves but would be nice to have.
dot pointA general gift voucher such as a Coles Myer gift voucher.
dot pointA pram blanket bag will keep bub snug and warm which is any parents’ main priority whenever they are out and about or away from the comforts of home.
dot pointA subscription to the Australian Breastfeeding Association (if breastfeeding is the plan).
dot point‘Nappy cakes’ that are made out of nappies and clothing for the baby. They’re as beautiful as a bunch of flowers, but last a lot longer and are way more practical!
dot pointCuski Comforter – a gorgeous comforter that you sleep with first so your scent is absorbed into it. Then you give it to baby to sleep with and it helps them to feel safe and secure when they are not with you.
dot pointNappies and home made meals for the freezer. While cute gifts are always nice all new parents will appreciate these essentials, and you know that they will be used.
dot pointA towel and washer set with the baby’s name printed on them. A great keep sake.
dot pointA gift voucher for jewellery that captures your baby or older sibling’s fingerprint forever – for example, from Smallprint.
dot pointA box with nappies, bottles and formula (if bottle-feeding) and the best bottle steriliser you can find. This will save the parents lots of money and will be greatly appreciated!
dot pointA baby hammock – slightly expensive but worth their weight in gold. Baby sleeps through the night and can easily self settle. For example, an Amby baby hammock.
dot pointA baby sling or carrier.
dot pointI found when I first had my daughter the most useful gifts were baby wash, baby shampoo, moisturiser, bed time lotions etc. When a friend of mine gives birth I also buy the mother a useful gift like some nice soaps, creams, etc. They are inexpensive and can be brought in nice gift packs.
dot pointA Baby Bonkie – they are a little wrap/pouch that have velcro tabs to wrap your baby in the same as you would using a muslin wrap or blanket.
dot pointHand-made crochet blankets and clowns make great presents that can be kept to pass on in the future.
dot pointA pair of soft soled shoes like Beautiful Soles and a little box frame (you can get from Ikea) so when the little one has out grown them, you can hang them in thier room as a lovely keepsake of the baby’s first pair of shoes!
dot pointA lovely basket filled with things such as bottles, soothers (dummies), bottle brush, wraps (rolled up for presentation), paw paw cream, lotions with a cute teddy bear for bub and a box of choccies or even a bottle of bubbley for Mum and Dad to enjoy. Wrapped up in clear wrap with a coloured ribbon in pink or blue can be very effective! Makes a very practical and inexpensive gift that is personalised by you.
dot pointA baby manicure set.
dot pointA book on common medical questions for babies and a little hamper with some essentials such as baby paracetamol, thermometer, teething gel, nappy rash cream, wind drops etc.
dot pointA Breastfeeding Cover – some Mum Zone readers say:

  • Bub gets all the attention – why not buy something useful for the new Mum? For breastfeeding Mums, give a breastfeeding cover. Trying to cover yourself with a bunny rug while feeding a wriggling baby in a public place is a nightmare. There are plenty of options out there. I used a Peekabubba.
  • Another Mum Zone reader has recommended the Modest Mum breastfeeding cover from Keiki Designs.
  • I found my breastfeeding cover (brand is KissKiss HugHug) fantastic. As a new mum breastfeeding in front of people is very daunting and its helped me out from Day 1 in hospital and now whenever I’m out or have people over – I regard it as an essential if I am planning on breastfeeding. Plus as a relatively new idea, you can guarantee your friend won’t receive two!
dot pointA beautifully presented BabyStars report for your friend’s little one from It’s in the Stars. It gives her all the info (45-50 pages) she needs to understand what her new baby will be like.
dot pointWhen one of my closest friends gave birth, instead of buying something for the baby, I thought about what I would want. I ended up giving her a voucher for a back and neck massage (I made sure it didn’t have an expiry date) for when she wanted a little time to herself.
dot pointA coin set from the mint for the year of the child’s birth. I have one for each of my children and I treasure them. I will pass them onto them when they are older, perhaps as a 21st gift.
dot pointA newspaper or magazines from the day the baby was born.
dot pointGet a nappy bucket and fill it with wipes, creams, breast pads, pins, bath thermometer, etc. Things that are useful for first time mums.
dot pointA tile, mug or frame with hand or foot prints personalised by Inky Feet.
dot pointA voucher for housecleaning and ironing is always a welcome gift! Get together with a few friends and see if you can raise enough for 6 months. I organised this for my sister-in-law and she says it saved her sanity.
dot pointA Lola & Ben Merino & Cotton Sleeping bag – it will be well used for up to two years (not many presents do this!) and could be a great baby shower present from a group of friends.Grobags are another kind of sleeping bag which are a great baby gift.
dot pointA baby bath or hamper full of lotions, powder, facewashers – things that we use all the time before and after baths.
dot pointAn Inkless Handprint and Footprint Kit – great for taking detailed prints of your newborn or children. These are available from Rally Run Gifts.
dot pointA birth plaque – these are also available from Rally Run Gifts.
dot pointI was given a second hand Jolly Jumper when my daughter was about 6 months old and while we don’t use it heaps, she absolutely loves jumping around in it when she gets the chance. They really enjoy the freedom it gives them.
dot pointThe best baby gift idea are Disney Snowglobes, they are the best keepsake for a newborn or christening and they are kept for years and years… gifts that are memorable are just the perfect gift. We purchased them at Just Treasures.
dot pointSomething for the mum is a must, and since she the one giving birth I think she deserves it! I went to a shower and had a present for the baby and gave the mum a bathrobe and a skincare giftpack. She was really grateful that there was a present there just for her.
dot pointSet up a nappy washing service with donations from all your friends.
dot pointA first aid course voucher to ensure peace of mind for their new little one. Little Aid offers affordable first aid training courses which can even conducted in your friend’s home so they can still tend to their baby’s needs.
dot pointA homemade gift bag with essential forgotten items like baby Panadol, Coloxyl drops, Infants Friend, a thermometer etc. They may not need to use them at once, but you never know when you will need it and where. I found it handy and comforting.
dot pointBeautiful, personalised photograph or canvas print of the Sunrise taken on the day your baby was born at My Sunrise Personalised Gifts.
dot pointA Newborn Kit of basic baby clothes with cotton singlets, sleepsuits and leggings. I received one from Ducks n Drakes.
dot pointMy son received two gifts that I thought were wonderful ideas. One was a crystal Guardian Angel to watch over my little angel the other was a star from the International Star Registry. My parents bought and named a star for my son which was back dated to his date of birth so that both he and the star were named on the same day. When he is older he can look at the night sky and see his own star.
dot pointWe gave my sister a Birth Plate, which incorporates all of the baby’s birth details within a beautiful design (about 15 to choose from). I did nothing but provide the details and pick a design, they did the rest including postage and handling. Ceramoccasions was their name. Too easy, my sis cried when she saw it.
dot pointA Jolly Jumper.
dot pointA homemade gift bag or basket.
dot pointA basket of goodies containing dummies, bottles, wipes, etc.
dot pointI always make a homemade snuggli blanket, personalised in the designs liked by the parents for their newborn. We have dogs, and dolls and rabbits on the comforters and children hold them very close to their heart.

Tips About Buying Clothes as Gifts

When choosing sizes consider the season it will be when the baby can wear the garment. See this general guide:

SizeFits (Approx.)Tips
00000Birth – a few weeksMany babies skip the 00000 size. Best to avoid this size for a gift.
0000Birth – 1-2 monthsAgain, as garments this size only fit for the first few weeks of the baby’s lifetime, this size is best avoided. By the time the parents have organised their gifts after coming home from hospital the baby may not get much wear out of a garment this small unless the baby is on the smaller side.
0002-5 monthsA better choice for garments as they will get more wear.
004-6 monthsAgain, a better choice for garments as they will get more wear.
00-12 monthsThe best choice for a clothing for a baby under one year as it will get the most wear and spread across a longer range of seasons.
11 yearShould fit for a reasonable amount that the baby is approximately one year old.
22 yearsShould fit for a reasonable amount that the baby is approximately two years old.
And so on…