Our Fun Family Christmas Eve Tradition

When I was a child, our parents always allowed us to open one present on Christmas Eve. My brother, sisters, and I were always so excited to find out what was inside! Our parents always had the gift pre-selected, and they were always in perfectly wrapped, identical rectangular boxes. It took me several years to catch-on to their game, and now it is one of my favorite family traditions!

Our Fun Family Christmas Eve Tradition

Every year on Christmas Eve, the present our parents let us open turned out to be Christmas pajamas! This tradition started before I was even old enough to remember.

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 As my siblings and I got older (and the number of us grew and grew), we began to realize that toys were never going to appear in those rectangular boxes. However, we were never disappointed. It grew into a tradition that we were excited about!


Christmas is THE major holiday in our family, and it is filled with routines and traditions. On Christmas Eve, we attend the Children’s mass at church, return home to eat dinner, and anxiously await the opening of our Christmas pajamas. Each year they are different, some years matching (which is impressive with the age span), and other years a variety of colors and prints.


After opening our presents, we (still) rush to our rooms and race to be the first one dressed in our new sleeping attire and present int he living room. After we all make it out, we always take a group picture. Last year was even more fun because we had the siblings (ranging in ages from 7 to 30, minus our Texas crew), plus two grandchildren!

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The purpose behind the Christmas pajamas (which was a sneaking parenting tactic) was so that we had nice looking Christmas morning pictures in new pajamas!
Plus sometimes, they make for great blackmail pictures!
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After getting in our pajamas, the siblings usually enjoy a game night. Last year, we got the entire family involved in a game I found at BLISSFUL ROOTS called Roll a Christmas Tree. We all had a great time!
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What are your Christmas Eve traditions?
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  1. earlleighdesigns@gmail.com'
    Earl-Leigh says:

    LOVE. I’m actually doing this for the first time with Harper (and Mike) this year because my friend’s mom established a similar tradition. She gushes about it still!

  2. katen21@gmail.com'
    Kate says:

    Adorable! We give our daughter pj’s, a christmas movie, and a new ornament on Christmas eve. The idea is so she has cute winter pjs for pictures, the movie is part of a collection for when she goes off to University, and same with the ornament so when she leaves home she has a tree full of beautiful ornaments.
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