Our Journey with Brittany Gidley Photography

Our Journey with Brittany Gidley Photography

If you have been following our blog, you have seen me mention Brittany Gidley Photography more than a few times. I figured it was about time she got her own post!

I met Brittany through our good friend Jackie. These two fabulous ladies worked together as NICU nurses. Jackie’s adorable twins were Brittany’s first clients, and Jackie worked with Brittany as a newborn posing specialist.

When we found out I was pregnant, Jackie surprised us with a newborn photo session with Brittany Gidley Photography! I was so excited to work with the two of them!

When Patrick arrived, Jackie was right there in the delivery room with us, not as our nurse, but as our friend and photographer. She captured Patrick’s delivery for us, and was an amazing support as I went through an unplanned cesarean section. We were so blessed to have her with us. During our hospital stay, Brittany stopped by to meet us and Patrick. With her excitement and bubbly personality, we knew our session was going to be fun!

Our Newborn Session

One week after Patrick was born, we had our newborn session with Brittany and Jackie. We has so much fun with the two of them! They had some great ideas, and took some amazing images of our son and family. They were so gentle with out new bundle of joy, and they took amazing care of him while they worked their magic!

Here are some behind the scene shots I got that day.

BGP Behind the Scenes Newborn

We ended up with some of my favorite pictures of Patrick, that are still hanging in our home today.

BGP Patrick Newborn 4 BGP Patrick Newborn 5 BGP Patrick Newborn 8 BGP Patrick Newborn 6 BGP Patrick Newborn 3 BGP Patrick Newborn 7 BGP Patrick Newborn 1

Our 2013 Holiday Mini Session

Before the holiday season, BGP offers holiday mini sessions. These 30-minute sessions offer the perfect opportunity to get some great images for Christmas cards. We took advantage of these to capture images of Patrick ready for his first Christmas! It was again a fun session with Brittany and Jackie that captured some adorable of images of Patrick! They have no problem acting silly and singing songs to get a smile out of him!

BGP Holiday 2013 2 BGP Holiday 2013 3 BGP Holiday 2013 6 BGP Holiday 2013 9 BGP Holiday 2013 7

These images game together to create a great Christmas card for us to send out to family and friends!

Kelly Family Christmas Card 2013

Patrick’s Smash Cake Session

When Patrick turned one, we knew we wanted to celebrate with a smash cake session! We were lucky enough to schedule the session on his birthday with Brittany and Jackie. This was such a special way to spend Patrick’s special day. We even had some special guests…Jackie’s twins Jackson and Riley!


They surprised us by recreating one of our favorite images from Patrick’s newborn session! Books have been such a big part of Patrick’s life, and Brittany continues to capture it in each session we have.


We had a chance to get some great family images too!

Patrick+12+Months+BW-28-3172693131-O Patrick+12+Months+BW-29-3172694911-O Patrick+12+Months-12-3172650584-O Patrick+12+Months+BW-27-3172692869-O

The smash cake was so much fun!  Brittany and Jackie were great at getting Patrick to participate even though he was hesitant at first! Jackson and Riley helped show him how it was done!

Patrick+12+Months-43-3172671411-O Patrick+12+Months-45-3172674356-O Patrick+12+Months-35-3172667445-O Patrick+12+Months-38-3172668000-O Patrick+12+Months-40-3172670746-O Patrick+12+Months-39-3172669618-O Patrick+12+Months-2-3172644269-O Patrick+12+Months-20-3172655994-O

Brittany had a special surprise for us after this session. She was sneaky and put together this video for us! It had me in tears when I saw it, and it was such a unique way to capture such an amazing day.


Our 2014 Holiday Mini Session

We most recently got to work with our favorite BGP team again for our 2014 holiday pictures! Patrick has so much character now, it made the session even more like a party! We were so happy to work with Brittany and Jackie again! Their silliness made Patrick laugh, and they let him “honk, honk” their noses, which had him cracking up!

The Kelly Family Mini-19 The Kelly Family Mini-34 The Kelly Family Mini-6 The Kelly Family Mini-1 The Kelly Family Mini-30 The Kelly Family Mini-24 The Kelly Family Mini-14 The Kelly Family Mini-8

Another great Kelly Family Christmas card featuring BGP images!

Kelly Family Christmas Card 2014

Our sessions with Brittany Gidley Photography have been more than just photo sessions. They have been session full of fun and memories that just happen to be caught in amazing images by a fabulous photographer!

Big news for BGP in 2015

In 2015, we were so happy that Brittany announced she was adding another photographer to her team…Jackie! Cleveland now had 2 great options with BGP to capture amazing images of their newborns, children, fur babies, and families!


We have been so blessed to have had the chance to work with the Brittany Gidley Photography team. We look forward to every session, and always have a great experience! Brittany is a professional, gifted, and caring photographer. Professional photography is an investment in creating memories that will last forever. Working with BGP is an experience that you will always cherish. If you live in Cleveland, New York City, or Hawaii, be sure to check her out!

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