What are the things you have to consider when choosing the right bed for your kid? Apart from a comfortable mattress for your kids, what else do you take into account? Getting your kids to bed at a regular time is essential, so an attractive choice of bed is of paramount importance.


The first thing you may want to consider is the design. Get your little one involved and choose one that suits the style and decor of the room. Would a traditional look such as pine be best? Perhaps a metal frame may save space and be more practical? Children’s beds can come in the style of their favorite characters, or in playful shapes such as a fire engine or castle. They can range from the simple single frame, to high sleepers, four posters and bunk beds.


Which comes to the next factor; space. If you are trying to get two kids into the one room, consider your valuable floor space and think about a bunk bed. Bunk beds can even have a wider lower bunk for the big brother or sister. Remember your valuable space, a high or mid sleeper could provide a desk or storage for toys and books! Some bunks can even be split into two singles, for when they claim to be too grown up.


In these straightened times who can forget cold hard cash. Children’s beds are big business, it is a buyers market and do your research. Shop around and use comparison sites if you are considering a web purchase.


Which brings us back to material. You might have solid wood furniture and want his or her bed to match it. Consider a compromise between juniors taste and your decor. You might want a practical material, ready for the demands of hard play.

How long will it last?

The next point is to consider the longevity of the bed. As mentioned, if getting bunk beds look for ones that could redeploy as two singles. Will a character bed to too faddy? They might like it know but the difference between six and eight years of age can be profound. Perhaps you might even get one just that bit bigger than they need, and let them seem that bit more grown up.