Eight weeks pregnant: what can you expect?

At eight weeks you will definitely start to feel the symptoms of your pregnancy. You might start to worry about the health and progress of your baby. You only have four more weeks to finish the end of your first trimester.

Will I be visibly pregnant?

It’s still too early for people around you to notice that you are pregnant. You might start to wonder if you should start buying maternity clothes. At eight weeks it’s difficult for you to know what your shape is going to be in the next few months. It’s best to wait until later before you spend money on clothes that might not fit you well later. At this stage you will not change much physically and your body is still trying to adjust to all the hormonal changes within your body.

What about food cravings?

You will experience some sort of food craving at this stage of your pregnancy. You might have a sudden craving for spicy food. You might wake up in the middle of the night and tell your partner you want a cheese burger. The downside is certain foods make you more queasy than usual. You might find it difficult to cook. Certain strong smells like ginger and garlic might make you want to throw up. If you love fish you may find yourself hating the sight of it now. It’s natural to feel stressed and wonder if you are eating enough or nutritional food. Try to relax, as it’s all a normal part of pregnancy.

Physical changes in you during week eight

  • You may feel incredibly tired at this stage. It’s natural for you to want to sleep all the time. If you are finding it tiring to commute to work everyday you could ask your partner to drop you.
  • Back pain is a common problem during pregnancy. Your growing uterus is the reason for back pain. Good posture is important to avoid back pain. Avoid slouching in a chair or whenever you are sitting. If your chair is causing you to slouch use comfortable pillows to support your back. Avoid wearing high shoes if you have back pain.
  • You might start to feel sicker than usual because of morning sickness. On the plus side nausea is an indicator that your pregnancy is going well. Its nature’s way of eliminating toxins that’s harmful to your baby. Meanwhile to cope with nausea have apples, bananas, rice and decaffeinated tea. They are known to ease nausea during pregnancy. You can also suck on ginger candy or take ginger supplements.
  • Yow will feel a sense of heaviness and stress in the pelvic region. This may worsen when you have to go the bathroom or you have just had a meal. A warm bath will help you relieve pain in that region. Getting massages from your physiotherapist will help too.
  • Your uterus will have stretched approximately to the size of a large orange or a small grapefruit. That’s quite a jump from the beginning of your pregnancy. If you are pregnant with twins the size of your uterus will be larger.
  • There will be some thickening around your waistline this week.

Emotional changes in you during week eight

  • As your pregnancy develops your mood will change both positively and negatively in different ways. Even though you are eight weeks pregnant you may not feel any different at all and might start to wonder if you are really pregnant.
  • You may start discussing with your partner about the baby’s looks and gender. You may think to yourself whom will the baby resemble. You may start having dreams about what your baby will look like and its ideal personality.
  • There can be unexpected mood swings too. With all the hormonal changes you might suddenly become irritable and cranky. At times like this it’s always best to talk to your supportive partner or friend about what’s bothering you. Socializing will help you deal with many negative feelings.

How’s your baby developing?

  • Many changes are taking place in your baby this week. Your baby will now measure about 1.6 centimeter.
  • The past few weeks your baby’s shape resembled a C shape. Now it will be just about losing this shape. Your baby’s bottom tail will be gone. It will still be in a C shape but it will jump around in your uterus. Bur you won’t feel any of it.
  • This week your baby’s organs, muscles and nerves will begin to function.
  • Your baby’s wrist and elbows will all begin to form this week.
  • Your baby’s eyelids, lips, ears, nose, toes and fingers are all beginning to form.
  • Taste buds will be forming on your baby’s tongue this week.

Useful tips for you this week

  • Take time to rest. Avoid those long stressful days at work where you keep going from morning until night. Take sufficient breaks. Don’t sit at one place for too long. If you have been sitting at your desk for longer than an hour take a 10 minute break.
  • You might start to feel your bra getting tight because of the increase in breasts size. It’s time to get fitted for a comfortable maternity bra. Wearing push up bras with underwire will make you feel more uncomfortable.
  • It’s time to decide on your pregnancy care. Speak to your doctor about birthing and breast feeding classes.
  • To ease your back pain you will need a pregnancy pillow. These pillows will help you get a good night’s rest and will help you ease your body pain during the coming months of your pregnancy.