Having a toddler who can speak two languages is quite the feeling to have. Many parents, are proud of their children who are bilingual. They are amazed about the language capability of their children compared to themselves. They are still complaining that they are still making grammar and language mistakes despite being in Australia for many years. Isn’t that crazy?

As easy it might be for children to learn languages it is very important to take in the quantity of languages spoken in the home. If it is not spoken the child will not learn it! So here are a few tips in order to give your child that language boost needed.


Books are a perfect way to get started when learning another language. This might sound read but start reading these books to children the moment they are born. Create a dialogue during story time as the child gets older. Have our child talk about the story and comment about it. Let them talk to you about their favorite character or what might happen next.

More Kids

Start a playgroup with other children in order to practice a second language. The kids will learn from one another and in a way they are the best language teachers. You might get a lesson or to yourself by communicating with the parents of these children.

Dance And Music

What is one thing that children love better than singing and dancing along? Let them sing with tier own voice no matter how off-key it sounds! Try to get melody music to play to them and have them practice songs like ABCs. It will be a fun way for them to learn and maybe even get some exercise. Join in with them on the fun and get some dancing done yourself too!

Right Tools

There are so many extra tools you can use out there. You have the books, video entertainment, games, and of course television. Try to use games that have rhyme sequences. Such games include ones such as I Spy and Bingo. Games with picture cards can be a big help as well and they can be a big help in regards to language memory.

Get Creative

Have them draw out the conversation. For example have them write up stories in the language you want them to learn or even have them play dress up. Have them chalk up the sidewalk and work on that pile of Playdoo. Older children can even try things such as Skype for overseas conversations. Think about what they can learn from conversing from someone who is Chinese and in China!


Have them try something that sparks that interest. It can be a sport, writing, or anything that you can think of. Maybe even a favorite television show? Take what they love and incorporate a way for them to learn a language from it.


There are some babysitters out there who speak second languages. Find one who does and they can definitely teach your children a lesson of two!

Think outside the Box

Sometimes thinking outside the box can be just the step you need. For example if you want your children to learn Italian try taking them to that Italian restaurant where they speak plenty of Italian!


What can be better than visiting the country where the language is spoken. Spend a couple of weeks and have a lovely time. If you have friends and relative who live in the country itself make them visit your home. That adds quite the boost as well!

Positive Enforcement

Give that positive feedback to your child whenever they attempt to speak the language. Give that encouragement boost when they try speaking those first letters needed.

Try out these tips and your child will be speaking another language in no time at all. Use your imagination if you need to! Have patience and with time it will happen!