Ready, Set, Fitness Challenge! Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the Ready, Set, Fitness Challenge is in the books! This week, I am getting into the groove of having a workout schedule, however I also met some frustrations this week. As always, I am working towards my goal of running/walking the #BT5K in June!

I made my goal of reaching 2 miles this week! It was rough getting there though. I need to find a good stretching routine, because my last couple of cardio sessions I had some serious leg cramps that I thought were going to keep me from finishing. I powered through them and built up to 2 miles by the end of the week!

I did have some frustrations this week though. I missed one day of strength training. I also was frustrated with my weigh-in this week. I was on such a high after making it to 2 miles, but when I stepped on the scale this morning, I had gained a few pounds. I know that I am probably gaining some muscle, and that I didn’t eat the best while on our road trip this weekend. I know my weight will go up and down, it was just a bummer. However, I am not letting it get me down!

In this week’s post, I want to talk about how I went from having zero time to workout, to being able to fit it in 5 days per week. The secret? Setting up a weekly workout plan! On Monday, I look at the week ahead and figure out when I can fit in cardio and strength training with The Fit Tutor.

When I looked at my day, I was able to find a 30-minute window each day that I could use to workout. I stop by the YMCA on my way home from work and can get 30 minutes on the treadmill before Dave and Patrick get home from work. My Fit Tutor workouts are easy to fit in all at once in a 20 minute period, or sporadically throughout the day. I love the videos that Allison makes to break down each workout, and the different levels for where you are at in your exercise program.

Here is my plan for this coming week! I am heading out of town to visit family this weekend, so I am taking that into consideration in my planning.

How do you find time to fit in workouts?

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    • Kristen Kelly says:

      The Fit Tutor is a great online program with workouts designed to be done in the comfort of your own home. There are strength training and cardio workouts, each with instructional videos from The Fit Tutor herself, Allison! She is an amazing coach and motivator. Workouts are available at any level you need, and there is an 8-week program that is great to help you get started. RSP readers can get a free month with promo code BloggerFIT.

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