Back to school shopping can sometimes be dreadfully expensive.  Especially, after the holiday seasons. However, back to school sales always seem to start once the kids leave school for summer vacation. Sales are one of the best ways for parents to save money and they can save a lot. Therefore, here are some ways for you to save up on money and get the school items you need to start the year fresh.

Take the inventory

Before you go and buy the expensive crayons, take inventory of all items you already have. For example, you can find unused notebooks or stationary around the house. After you see what you have, make the list of all the things you need.

Back-to-School Sale

Parents can get quite the bargain with Back-to-School sales. Stores such as Target, Big W, And Kmart all provide sales in regards to going back to school. Pharmacy stores sometimes offer sales as well. They are all good places to go to in order to shop for book bags, clothes, and the school item essentials.

Two Dollar Stores

There’s usually a two dollar store in your local area/shopping center where everything is sold at a very cheap price. Many of these stores are said to be a hit and miss in regards to what they have or not, and some items can be more expensive compared to those found at regular retailers, but most of the time they’re usually a good bargain.


Older siblings can have many books, clothing or supplies that they no longer need. If the items are not too worn out, you can always allow your younger children to use them. Who knows sometimes you can even find stuffs that has not been used or have only been used once or twice.

Garage Sales

Try going to your neighbors garage or yard sale in order to find some calculators or lunchboxes your child needs. Prices can be 50-90% less than full retail when you get them at these sales.

Thrift Shops

Salvos also can be a bit of a stretch when you think about it. Kids will probably get pesky when taken to a thrift shop, but sometimes you can find pretty cool stuffs you wont be able to find in retail stores and in a much cheaper price. Try buying a new pair of those Nike shoes for sophomore if you want or something else that can go a long way.

Buy in Bulk and Online Shopping

You can also buy in bulk or shop online in order to save up on some bucks.  The best prices for school items are often online. When you go to online shops you can find many back to school items such as backpacks, cloths, and textbooks at cheaper price. It’s also easier to compare prices online.

Stick and stick to the list

Make sure to only buy the items of necessities you made on the list before you go shopping. If you stick to the list you will more than likely stay in the budget.

Search and search for the savings

Look for the store coupons and any sales in the newspaper. Many newspapers, on Sundays, include supplements that are filled with plenty of store savings for the week that is to come. There are also price comparison sites online as well as online catalogues that can do price comparisons before you start.  Once all the prices are compared from store to store, find all the best prices then you are ready to go.

Back to school does not have to equate with being in debt or the credit card being maxed out! Spend carefully and wisely.