11 weeks pregnant: what can I expect?

11 weeks pregnant fetus pictures

You only have two more weeks to go before you start your second trimester. Your mood and health will start to improve as you countdown the end of your first trimester. You will be happy to get rid of symptoms like morning sickness.

You will usually have your first ultrasound during week 11 of your pregnancy. Sometimes it’s too early to identify the sex of your child and doctors will advise you to wait for a few more weeks. You will be hardly able to contain your excitement. You will want to plan your baby’s name and paint the nursery with a color suitable for your baby. Or you might not want to find out the sex of your baby and might want to keep it a surprise until the end.

You will start to have a maternal bond with your baby at this stage. It’s inexplicable to have so much love for your baby even before you have seen it.

Physical changes in you during week 11

11 weeks pregnant belly pictures

  • Pregnancy causes changes in your entire body. It affects your skin, nails and even hair. Hair loss is particularly common during pregnancy and shouldn’t cause you concern. To prevent hair loss, don’t stress your hair by tying it too tightly in braids or pig tails. Give your hair a hot oil treatment. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. You could consult your doctor and he could prescribe you some supplements to reduce hair loss.
  • You will also start to notice change in your finger and toe nails. Due to all the hormones and vitamins you are taking, your nails may grow stronger and longer rapidly. On the downside you may start to notice they break easily. To protect your nails wear rubber gloves when doing dishes or cleaning. Don’t wear nail polish at this time. Moisturize your hands to keep the skin around your nails hydrated.
  • The acne breakouts you noticed in the past few weeks will have started to ease up by now. Continue drinking plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy skin.
  • Your morning sickness would have started to ease up too. You might start eating a little bit more than usual and might start to regain all the weight you lost because of nausea and vomiting.

Emotional changes in you during week 11

11 weeks pregnant bump pictures

  • You will start to feel more upbeat about your pregnancy because your body would have adjusted to all the hormonal changes. You might not feel so sick and tired as you felt in the past few weeks.
  • Since it’s too early for you to feel baby’s movements, you might be focused on other things. Don’t feel guilty because you are not thinking of your baby all the time. Use this time to relax and get your energy levels up.

How’s my baby growing this week?

  • Your baby will be approximately around 5cm long this week. It would have lost the previous c shape that it took and will start to look more human right now. The most critical part of your baby’s development is now over and in the coming weeks it will begin to grow quickly.
  • Your baby will now be the size of a large lime and will put pressure on your bladder.
  • Your baby’s head will now be half the length of its body.
  • The web like appearance of your baby’s hands and toes will have disappeared now. It will clearly have separated into fingers and toes by now.
  • Your baby’s forehead will be less bulging by now and its eyes will have come into position by now.
  • The reproductive organs of your baby will develop rapidly during this week. If your baby is a girl she will develop her ovaries this week. She will have more eggs now than throughout her lifetime.
  • The external genitals of your baby will either grow into a clitoris or penis.
  • All the vital organs of your baby are functioning by this week. Baby’s kidneys will be producing urine and the pancreas will be producing insulin.
  • If you do an ultrasound you can see the clear outline of your baby’s spine.

Useful tips for you this week

11 week ultrasound pictures

  • It’s time for your first ante-natal check up. Schedule a time when your partner will be able to join you. He wouldn’t want to miss the baby’s first ultrasound for anything in the world.
  • Oral hygiene is essential during your pregnancy. Hormonal changes will wreak havoc on your teeth. Make regular appointments with your dentist. Brush and floss twice a day without fail. Rinse with a mouthwash after you brush your teeth. Don’t ignore any cavities or tooth problems.
  • Start saving for the expenses you will face when the baby comes. Put aside some money every fortnight in a savings account. This will be your baby’s nest egg.