Nine weeks pregnant: what’s in store?

9 week fetus pictures

You are now nine weeks pregnant and you only have a few more weeks left to finish the first trimester milestone. Many to-be moms wait until the end of the first trimester to share the wonderful news with their family and friends. This is because in early pregnancies some moms fear miscarriage.

If you decide to share the news with your family now, you can plan it as a family surprise. You can invite your family for lunch or dinner and share the wonderful news. If they stay far away you can do it on video conferencing rather than an impersonal phone call. Whatever you decide to do, you can tape the family reaction to your news so that you can add it to your collection of pregnancy memories. Your family may be a step ahead; they might have guessed the news when they see you avoiding alcohol and the little changes in your food habits.

Physical changes in you during week nine

9 weeks pregnant belly pictures

  • Your vaginal discharge will increase noticeably during pregnancy. This is because the area is receiving more blood supply due to all the hormonal changes in your body. The discharge should be clear milky white or clear and mucous like. It should not smell any different than you are used to. If it causes swelling or itching this could be sign of a vaginal infection. To deal with vaginal discharge you could use light liners or change your underwear at least twice in a day.
  • By week nine your uterus will have grown to the size of a melon but you still won’t feel the increase.
  • During pregnancy there is a huge increase of blood in your body. This can cause your veins to enlarge and you can see them more clearly now especially on your legs and across the breasts. Some common symptoms of these enlarged veins can be aching legs. You may feel your pain in the legs is starting to get worse after too much sitting or standing. You could use support pantyhose available at any pharmacist as one treatment option. Some women prefer to rest their legs on pillows while sitting.
  • It’s not unusual to have mild cramping similar to your period during the first trimester of your pregnancy. To relieve cramping pain you could use a hot water bottle to ease the pain. Taking a warm bath or rest with soothing music will also help you. If you find the cramping is persistent and unbearable contact your doctor or midwife.
  • Your nipples and breasts will grow a lot during pregnancy. These are changes that will happen in your body for breastfeeding purposes. You nipples and the surrounding areola will get darker. You might be surprised by all the changes taking place this week.
  • Once you left your teen years behind you will be thankful that you left acne problems behind too. But unfortunately you may notice some pimples making its appearance on your clear skin. This is common because of the increase in your estrogen levels. To combat acne during pregnancy drink lots of water and keep your skin clean by washing it twice a day. Consult your doctor before you use any acne cream.

Emotional changes in you during week nine

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  • You will experience a lot of ups and downs during pregnancy. You may start to feel down and irritable. This is normal because your body is trying to adjust to all the sudden changes within. Don’t get too down about things; watch a light hearted movie or talk to friends who will brighten your mood up.
  • Don’t be disappointed if your loving partner doesn’t share the same enthusiasm as you during week nine of your pregnancy. Mothers have a stronger bond with baby than dads because you are carrying it. Your partner will start to feel excited as your belly grows and when he watches the baby during the first ultrasound.
  • Sometimes you may start to worry if the baby can feel your distress when you are sad or feeling guilty. It’s too early for the baby to pick up on your moods and feelings.
  • You will start to feel tired and exhausted as usual. Remember you and the baby comes first. Take sufficient rest and don’t overwork yourself.

How’s my baby growing?

  • Your baby is growing rapidly and will now be the size of an olive that’s roughly around 2.5cm.
  • When you go for a check up your midwife will be able to hear your baby’s heart beat with the Doppler. Be prepared for some happy tears. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is an indescribable feeling. This is when you feel all the tiredness, fatigue and sickness you are going through is worth it because of the love you feel for your baby.
  • Your baby’s ear, teeth, tongue and jaw are all forming this week.
  • Your baby’s eyes will be developing and the eye pigments will stat to get their color this week.

Useful tips for you this week

9 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

  • Book yourself early into any birthing classes or prenatal classes you might want to attend. Sometimes the wait list is too long.
  • It’s a great idea to join Tai Chi or yoga classes. This will do wonders for your mind and body. Meditation will help you relax. You can bond with all the pregnant mothers there and share your experiences. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who’s going through the same experiences as you.
  • If you are an avid runner think about switching to other forms of exercise. Vigorous activity should be avoided during pregnancy.