Planning a Tigertastic Daniel Tiger Birthday Party

Our little guy is a BIG fan of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, so for his 2nd Birthday, we threw him a Tigertastic Daniel Tiger Birthday Party! However, there are not a lot of Daniel Tiger party supplies available. We got creative for Halloween and Valentine’s Day, so of course I jumped at the chance to create a DIY Daniel Tiger party for Patrick!

Tigertastic Daniel Tiger Birthday Party

The Invitation

Daniel Tiger Birthday Invitation

The Cake

I love the look of designer cakes, but I am not in love with the price. I decided last year for Patrick’s 1st birthday that I would make the cake, and it turned out great. I decided to make his cake again this year. We had several Daniel Tigers figures already, so I used them to decorate. For the cake, I used the Duff Goldman Wild Things cake mix. I used gel food coloring to turn the white cake mix orange for a tiger stripe effect.

DIY Daniel Tiger Cake Daniel Tiger Cake Tiger Cake

Trolley Photo Booth

One of the fun DIY projects I did for the party was to create a Trolley to use for photo booth pictures! It was an inexpensive project that used a red tri-fold and some black and yellow poster board. It turned out great, and our friends and family enjoyed taking pictures!

Trolley Photo Booth 2

The Food

Our parties always end up having a large guest list, and feeding a crowd can be expensive. One inexpensive way to feed a large group is with a Mac n’ Cheese Bar (or an Ugga Mugga Mac n’ Cheese Bar to go with the Daniel Tiger theme). We made a large crock pot of regular Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, then made some of their flavored varieties as well. We had mix-ins that guests could add in for extra flavor.

Ugga Mugga Mac n Cheese Bar

The Decorations

We has a lot of other little Daniel Tiger touches in the decorations for the party! One great thing about a DIY party is creating your own decorations can be less expensive than purchasing them from the store.

Daniel Tiger Party Decorations

The Fun!

We always love getting together with our family and friends for a celebration! We had a wonderful time celebrating our little Tiger turning 2, and the kids had a blast!

Birthday Party Fun

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    Jaya Pandey says:

    What a lovely party! I always love birthday party post. Love the trolley booth idea. I am gonna pin it and try to make obe for my daughter’s birthday. The cake and the stripes turned out great. Pinning it.

    Octavia Thomas says:

    My son’s 1st birthday party is Sept 18 and I am using this theme. Just as I went to purchase everything online this post appeared. I need help with this cake though. LOL – where did you get the red trifold paper?

    Jennifer says:

    Hi there! I just bought the supplies to (attempt) make the trolley photo booth. Do you have any suggestions for me? Did you just lay the trifold out and start cutting with an exacto knife?

    Thanks very much! Ugga Mugga! :)

    • Kristen Kelly says:

      Hi! Sorry I am just now seeing this! Yes, I just used the exacto knife. I traced with pencil on the back first, and then used the knife, and a lot of patience! Ugga Mugga! Hope it turns out great! :)

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