Colic is still a mystery event today, and apparently, has not been worked out quite yet. No one even knows what tends to cause it and there is no single treatment for it. If your baby has a colic, the idea of relation, to the cause, and the treatment of it, can be something that can drive you quite mad. There is not a single way to get rid of it.

The good thing of all of this, is that the wails of a baby will eventually come to an end when the colic does stop. However, the idea of having a wailing baby is something that can be heard to deal with and can lead to exhaustion. Stress can be sure to come out and it is tough without a doubt.

Here are some points or ideas on what has been discovered in regards to making a colic baby go to sleep or at least ease up on the intensity on all the crying and wailing.

  1. Try taking the baby for a walk. Clasping the baby alongside the shoulder or resting on the chest are good ways to go. Crying over and over again tends to lead to gas formation so you might assist in releasing of the gas and decreasing some of the crying by doing this. For babies, the thud of a beating heart is certainly comforting in a way, and this can go a long way in getting them to relax a bit.
  2. Babies tend to like music. Sing to the baby or switch on a radio or TV. Music time can give a bit of comfort to a wailing baby and lullabies are the top of the list. Certain babies have shown a fondness for music, and even though it might not make them fall asleep, it might just stop them from crying and wailing which can be just as good.
  3. Rocking is another thing one can try. Use the rocking chair if you want, because it really does not matter what you use. Just the movement itself is what serves the purpose. The process involves clasping the baby to your chest. This again gives them the experience of listening to your beating heart. Therefore they are comforted.
  4. Sucking is a technique that can work extremely well with colic babies. Sometimes, all a baby needs is just something to suck on. Give them that pacifier or allow them to suck on that finger that they like. Sometimes, they will only need to suck on the specific item when they go through the colic phase during the day. When they get out of the colic state, they will more than likely not want the item of interest anymore and go back to normal. So keep that good supply of pacifiers on standby if you have a colic baby.

Out of the tips mentioned above you may find that  either one or two of them will help your baby go to sleep or at least comfort the. Keep in mind that with time and patience the colic will come to pass. Inform your health care practitioner as the colic period goes on. If it is going on for a certain long period of time other causes might have to be taken into consideration.