Tips for Getting Mom Back in the Picture

I love pictures. Like really, REALLY love pictures! Our house is filled with pictures (although they need to be updated so bad). I am that crazy mom always taking pictures of my son. My Facebook friends are close to organizing an intervention for me because I am constantly posting pictures! However, as I go back and look through my pictures, one thing is always clear to me…I am hardly in them! I get so many great shots of my husband and son together, but I seem to always be missing. I promise, I am there! I am just usually behind the camera, capturing our memories. I began to worry that when my son goes to look back at these memories when he is older that he would think Mommy just wasn’t there. I decided I needed to start making a point of getting in the picture more often. Here are some tips on getting Mom back in the picture, instead of always the one taking them!

Getting Mom Back
1. Get good at selfies

Since I am usually the one taking pictures, the easiest way to get myself in the pictures is to turn the camera around and do a selfie. Most of my pictures are taken from my phone, and since we got the new Samsung Galaxy S6, selfies have become even easier. I love this phone because it has an amazing camera, a wider screen, and a great selfie mode! Now, I haven’t escalated to the point of purchasing a selfie stick, but we do take a lot of family selfies!

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2. Ask your partner

I am the crazy camera mom, which has become the dynamic of our family. When I wanted to start getting in the pictures more, I had to make a point of asking my husband to take a few pictures with me every now and then. Since he is not used to being the photographer, he typically doesn’t think to do this on his own. However, if I communicate and ask, he will usually make an effort to capture some memories of Patrick and I together. He gets some GREAT ones when he does!

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3. Ask family, friends or strangers

When you are out, make a point to ask the people around you to snap a picture of you with your family. The easiest way is to hand over your phone so you have the picture right away, or have them email it to you or tag you on Facebook if they take it on their own or have their own camera. This is a great way to get the whole family in, especially if you are traveling or enjoying a family outing.

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4. Hire a professional

One way to assure you get great, quality images that includes the entire family is to hire a professional. Since pictures are so important to me, we have invested in several photo sessions with some amazing photographers, several of which whom are our friends, and even one is family! Price ranges for photographers vary, as do style and session options. It is important that you shop around and find the photographer that is right for you and your family. These photo sessions have resulted in some of my absolute favorite images of my family, and I am happy that I am included in them!

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5. If all else fails…Photoshop! 

Worst case, if you can’t get everyone in to one, nice photograph together, use those Photoshop skills! It seems silly, and it is. However, it is an option! In this family picture below, my Mom is actually Photoshopped in from an early picture so we could get everyone in one picture!

Christmas 2013

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