Turn Spring Cleaning Into Spring Training

If you don’t have time to exercise to get in shape for summer, how about your turn your spring cleaning into spring training? If you put a lot of effort into the simplest chores, you may end up with stronger abs, legs and arms. Lawn mowing, going up and down the stairs, scrubbing the sink and sweeping the floors are also a great cardio exercise choice. Sometimes household activities are much more intense than a regular workout in the gym, so why not go for it? Here is how you can turn your spring cleaning into spring training.

Turn Spring Cleaning Into Spring Training

Clean the Whole House

Start by taking care of your floors. Sweep the surfaces thoroughly, then grab the vacuum and finish the job. When you are ready, don’t forget to mop. As for your bathroom, scrub the floor and walls with a brush and a bathroom cleaner. During this routine, all major body parts will take part.

Next, get all surfaces shiny and gleaming. Dust and wipe down all shelves, tables, counters, mirrors; remove handprints, wash the windows and clean every sticky spot you stumble across. Now is the time to check out all areas you don’t usually touch or see. Have a look at the space between furnishings, clean all the fittings, remove cobwebs, sanitize door knobs, etc. Remember to always take the steps to increase your physical activity.

Organize Your Wardrobe

For women it’s really difficult to get rid of clothes, even though there are items they are likely to wear once in a blue moon. During your spring clean, find time to deal with this problem. Sort out your clothes into “to wear” and “not to wear” piles and get rid of the latter. There are a multitude of options for disposing of clothes, from literally tossing them into the garbage bin to reselling them on eBay.

While sorting your clothes out, make sure you walk vigorously around the room. Don’t forget that the idea is not to get the job done quickly but to burn fat and build muscles.

Clean up Your Attic

TenancyCleaners Notting Hill says that spring is the best time to have a walk through of your attic and dispose of those unnecessary items. Most of the time, attics are the most crowded and unappealing part of the house. Everything you don’t need right now is bound to be sent off to the attic. Since spring cleaning is a major task that includes more than the regular domestic chores, it makes sense to clean it up.

The first thing to do is to gather all stuff and decide its fate. You need to declutter so that your attic becomes accessible and easy to clean. Remove all the things that don’t belong there. If it’s stuff you don’t plan to use in the near future or in any other future moment, you’d better get rid of it forever. Packing and unpacking boxes can actually burn some calories. Going up and down the stairs will strengthen your calves. Moving heavy boxes equals weight lifting. It will help build your arm muscles. Not only this, but when you’re done, your attic will be much more organized and functional.

Do Some Yard Work

When you are done cleaning up your interior, it’s time you do some work outside. If you are about to send winter packing, your garden probably needs some taming. Roll up your sleeves and get things started. First things first, make sure you clear all the waste, such as dead branches, leftover leaves, weeds, pebbles, sand, etc. Move on to manually trimming the trees and hedges if applicable. Dig the garden and prepare the soil for planting. And finally, mow the lawn. When you are done, your house will be sparkling and your body in better shape. Sounds like killing two birds with one stone.

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