Why I Am Finally Making Losing Weight a Priority (and How You Can Join Me)

I have decided to finally make losing weight a priority for myself. It wasn’t a delayed New Year’s Resolution (although I have made it in the past), but it was something that I finally decided I needed to do. I have struggled with my weight and weight-loss for several years, and having a child hasn’t made it any easier. However, it is finally time to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle!

Why I Am Finally Making Losing Weight a
**I received a free membership to The Fit Tutor to help facilitate this post and my weight-loss journey. I received no other compensation. All opinions are my own.**

My Weight Gain Journey

Back in high school, I was on our school’s competitive dance team. We practiced 9+ hours a week, so I never had to worry about fitting in workouts. During college, my weight-gain began. I wasn’t dancing almost everyday, and had a hard time fitting in workouts. Every now and then I would register for a class that involved exercising (water aerobics, ballet, conditioning, etc), but other than that it was hard to find time between classes, working, and the college lifestyle.

I never was able to get into the habit of working out. Here I am years later, with a toddler, finding it even more difficult to workout. I was at my pre-pregnancy weight before I even left the hospital with my son. I had been careful with my diet and weight gain with him since I was obese going into the pregnancy, plus he was a 10 lb baby! However, all my weight has shifted to spots that are much more difficult to shed!

That brings me to where I am today! Despite my pride and better judgement, I am going to make this weight-loss journey as transparent as possible with you all, which means sharing what my scale glares back at me with! Today, I am weighing in at 228 lbs (eek)! Remind me to get a pedicure before the next weigh-in too!

Week 1 Weigh-In

So what has suddenly motivated me to take my weight-loss seriously?

My Son

I want to be able to run around with this crazy boy! He has so much energy, and I want to be able to enjoy that instead of having it make me exhausted (although I’m sure it will still exhaust me no matter how much weight I lose). I am lucky to be free of any health issues currently (knock on wood), and I would like to keep it that way. Starting to life a healthier life will help me stay that way, so I can keep my focus on him.


Looks like I just need to do The Hotdog Dance with my son for my cardio days! #FitTutor #fitmom #mickeymouse

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Future Children

My husband and I are currently trying to conceive. It took us over a year with Patrick, and we are already 9 months in to trying for our second. My weight may not be the cause, but I know it can be a factor in struggling to conceive. I’m willing to lose the weight to help Patrick get a little sibling soon! Plus I will need the extra energy to deal with two!

My Husband

I am motivated to lose this weight because of my husband…but it is not for the reason you may think. Dave is happy with me and my current weight, and has never pressured me to lose weight. However he is part of my motivation now because we have signed up to participate in the Brain Tumor 5K (#BT5K) this coming June. The BT5K is a fundraiser for the American Brain Tumor Association. Dave is one of over 700,000 in the U.S. living with a brain tumor, and we are excited to participate in the BT5K to help raise money for brain tumor research and support for those living with brain tumors. I am not a runner, so getting in shape and training for this will be a huge deal for me!


Doing this for myself is really the biggest motivation behind my decision to take my weight-loss seriously. When I was pregnant, I took such good care of myself. I drank lots of water everyday, took time to prepare healthy meals, watched my intake of calorie to make sure I was getting enough of the right things, and always had healthy snacks with me. However, as soon as my son was born, all of that stopped. I switched to focus to making sure he was getting everything he needed, and my needs got pushed to the side. I realized that I deserve the same care for myself that I took of my body when I was pregnant. I deserve to enjoy shopping instead of dreading it. I deserve to get out and enjoy doing physical activities with my son and not having to worry that I look ridiculous doing it.

How Am I Going to Do It?

I am so excited to begin my journey to weight-loss with the help of The Fit Tutor! Allison at the The Fit Tutor has put together an amazing program that easy to fit into any mom’s busy day (just ask JoAnn from Whimsicle)! Membership to The Fit Tutor includes weekly workouts for any level, over 100 exercises, the workout creator tool, plus the awesome support of Allison!

I started today with Week 1 of the 8-Week Program. It is so easy to do from the comfort of your own home! All you need are hand weights, but since mine are buried in basement, I used canned veggies instead! I did the beginner level, and from warm-up to cool-down it took less time than an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Although Patrick was interested in the workout too!


Having not worked out since Patrick was born (who am I kidding, it has been even longer than that), I have been intimidated about jumping back in. The 8-Week Program with The Fit Tutor is great at easing you back in, giving you options to bump up the difficulty during each week when you are ready.

Want to Join Me?

Do you want to give The Fit Tutor a try? I would love to have you join me in this journey! Ready, Set, Parenthood! readers can get a FREE one-month trial of The Fit Tutor! Use the code BloggerFIT when you sign-up to get your FREE one-month trial! If you join, let me know so we can do this together!

Check my social media channels, as well as the blog for updates about my progress!

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    Shalama says:

    I’m already on my journey, but glad to hear that you have decided to make yours a priority for you. It’s always said we can do it for others, but it is not until we are ready for ourselves will it stick. Good luck.

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