Often we think of swimming as a summer sport and that summer is the best time to teach your kids to swim – but is it? Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors and we often use water as a place to relax on a hot summer’s day. Because it’s when we spend most of our time in the water it’s also when we think about teaching our kids to swim so that hopefully they will be safer in and
around the water.

On the surface this seems reasonable and logical
especially when most outdoor swimming pools and learn to swim facilities close during the colder months of the year. But is this reasonable and logical assumption correct? The short answer is NO!

Winter is in fact the best time to teach children new skills in the pool. The reasons are really pretty simple…

Firstly, as mentioned, summer is the time that you should be enjoying the benefits of being able to swim and being comfortable in the water. To make this happen you will need to start the learning process prior to summer. If you start lessons in December, then cease them in April, most kids will have forgotten what they learnt by the time next summer rolls around. Children who swim during winter end up significantly ahead of those that stop because they get to practice what they have learnt constantly.

Swim schools offer far better value in winter as well, with less children and more available times. Quality swim schools generally offer a better service in the cold months. It also means that if you take your child along to the pool to give them a lesson yourself you will probably not be competing for space with hundreds of other patrons.

Summer is a great time to go swimming and enjoy all the benefits of knowing how to swim but winter is the time to get in and start teaching so that when summer does roll around, you and your child are ready.

*Editor’s Note: Swimming is also a great way for kids to get some exercise during winter!

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