12 weeks pregnant: what should I expect?

It’s finally here, the week that marks the end of your first trimester. You will feel more secure and happy now that you are 12 weeks pregnant. Each progressing week will reduce the risk of miscarriage. You have every reason to be happy.  All the undesired symptoms like morning sickness would have eased up and will soon be a distant memory of the past. Suddenly you will have these food cravings that you will be unable to control. You will want to eat different things everyday. When you’re 12 weeks pregnant, you might suddenly have an urge to go shopping and buy clothes for your baby. It’s all natural. You might want to start buying cribs and other things that your baby will soon need. Some call it a nesting instinct.

Physical changes in you when you’re 12 weeks pregnant

  • You will notice a dark line running down from your navel to the pubic area. This line is because of the hormonal changes and will disappear after you deliver your baby.
  • During your pregnancy you will notice different changes in your skin. Due to increased pigmentation you may start to notice the appearance of brown spots on your forehead and cheeks. When you are pregnant your body produces more hormones which cause an increase in pigmentation. You are not alone. More than 50 percent of women suffer from these spots. To prevent this wear a good sunscreen with a high SPF when you go out as your skin is extra sensitive during this time. You could also wear a cap or a floppy sun hat to protect your skin.
  • Your body also produces more blood when you are pregnant resulting in increased blood circulation throughout your body. This increased circulation causes your skin to look brighter. This is the “pregnancy glow” that you would have heard about.
  • The feeling to urinate frequently will have stopped by this week. Your uterus will be lifting up out of your pelvis giving your bladder some room.

Emotional changes in you during week 12

  • This week you will thank God that your morning sickness is finally gone. You will want to jump up and down with joy. No more feeling sick and queasy all day. The past few weeks when you were feeling queasy you would have paid anybody a fortune just to make you feel better.
  • Week 12 is considered a milestone. You will be happy that you reached this week reducing chances of miscarriage.
  • Watching baby advertisements on TV might make you go?how sweet and cute’ and might bring some happy tears. If you are getting too sentimental and weepy you might want to turn the TV off.

Increased sexual feelings

  • Now that you are 12 weeks pregnant and is starting to feel better you may notice your sexual drive is back. You may have a sudden desire that was not there during the past few weeks because of tiredness and morning sickness.
  • Another reason for your increased feelings could be because of those raging hormones.
  • This is perfectly a safe time for you to have sex with your partner as your belly won’t be in the way.

How’s my baby growing?

  • When you’re 12 weeks pregnant, your baby’s approximately around 5 to 6.5 centimeters long this week. That’s a huge growth compared to conception. If you could see your baby now it will be quite active. It will be jumping, wriggling and moving around.
  • The growth of your baby’s head slows down this week.
  • Your baby’s brain will have the same structure it had earlier but it will be larger this week.
  • Your baby will start to have hair growth on its head.
  • Teeth, vocal cords and taste buds are all forming in your baby this week.
  • The intestines of your baby are beginning to contract as if they were digesting food.
  • A large part of the amniotic fluid will be your baby’s urine from now on, as the baby’s kidneys will begin to excrete urine.
  • Your baby’s bone marrow is starting to produce its own white cells. These cells will help your baby develop immunity.

Some helpful tips for you this week

  • Read up on foods that you have to avoid during pregnancy. Certain foods like oysters and sushi are a big no, when you are pregnant. Bacteria like Listeria present in these foods can make you and your baby sick. Make sure everything you eat is well cooked. Throw away food that is more than two days old. Speak to your doctor about preventing food poisoning.
  • This is not the time to start an exercise regime or go on a diet. If you are into high risk exercise like mountain climbing and scuba diving give it a break. There are plenty of low risk activities that you can choose to stay fit and healthy.
  • You may want to maintain a pregnancy scrap book to remember all the good memories.