The baby’s crib is supposed to be the place of safety and comfort. However there is one sad truth to take in. Not all baby cribs are safe . While they are meant to keep the baby safe they can sometimes become deadly. Cribs that are poorly, or are badly constructed can pose a real hazard to the child when not checked out. No matter how much the cost of the crib is, parents must be careful when assembling it in the nursery and follow all instructions properly.

In fact the biggest mistake made by the majority of parents is thinking that all cribs are completely safe. Whether you are using a new crib or a hand me down it is very important that you completely check it out. Look for any hazards and make sure that the cribs is assembled correctly. Look for dangers even if you think the place might not even be considered dangerous by you. One can never know and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Check every single nook and cranny before the little one goes to sleep in it. Here are come tips that you can look at in order to make sure the crib or cot is a safe one.

Close inspection

Whenever you get the crib, make sure that everything is in place and that no parts are broken. Look for sharp edges, missing pieces, and small removable parts. All of these can be very dangerous for the baby and might provide choking hazards. Be on guard for things such as side edges and protrusions. These can be serious strangulation hazards for blankets, necklaces on the babies, and even shirts. Never use a cot or buy one that has these problems.

Follow the instructions

Do not assemble a cot thinking you know everything about putting one together or you have used one before. No matter what knowledge you have you should always read instructions from top to bottom. Instructions provide all the steps needed and also tips on how to manage the crib as time goes on. Plenty of accidents can now be avoided.

Non-toxic Finish

Cribs should be made with material that is completely non-toxic. A baby’s body is still developing and therefore they need to be protected from any chemicals or toxins. When getting the crib make sure the finish is complete and there is no peeling at all. Do not buy cribs that appear to be refinished. if it seems to be refinished it makes it hard for one to know if it was done with a non toxic material.


Try to keep items that are in the cot or crib to a bare minimum. The more things that are in it the greater the chances are for choking or strangulation. Only place items that are necessary in it such as a blanket. Only place toys in the cot if the baby is awake or if the baby is playing under supervision. Once they are asleep remove all clutter from the crib. Avoid placing loose objects on the side of the crib in order to avoid choking incidents.

Drop sides

Even though the drop side aspect of a crib can be convenient it can also be very dangerous. Make sure that it completely works properly at all times and it is secured. When the baby is in the crib make sure that the drop side is raised and the latches are secured in. There have been plenty of incidents where parents will raise the drop but they forget to secure it back in place.

Alerts And Call-backs

Check out for any information on recalls and safety alerts about cots and cribs. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.