Although everyone love Christmas, the biggest complain among Mums is that ‘it gets too hectic’. Between the shopping for gifts, wrapping them, decorating, entertaining and attending parties, even possibly baking, it’s fun, it’s festive but it’s also nerve-wreckingly stressful.  It is another set of things we need to add on to our already busy days.

To take some of the stress out of Christmas, don’t wait till the season begins to start planning. Here are seven stress-reliever tips to make your holiday a relaxing one!

Decide Who You Want To Buy For

List the people that you’d like to buy gifts for. Call it the Recipients List.  Write it down and keep it as a reminder, or at least make a mental note. Start early, shop all year! Open your eyes whenever you’re out and about, and if you see something that you like, go ahead and buy it. Think outside of the box. When you start early, you’ll have the opportunity to do this. Make your gift be something unique this year.

Shop From Home

Shopping online is my secret addiction. It’s so much fun, there’s so much more deals out there, and you can always read people’s review first. There are so many online deals and promotions all year round. ‘Window shop’ first and don’t hesitate to go to price comparison sites to get the best deals! Don’t forget to add the shipping cost, and to also find out what the refund policy is, just in case.

Record What You Buy

Create a list of the gifts that you have purchased, call it the Gifts Purchased List. Everytime you buy a gift, whether it’s online or in the store, put it on the list. If you know specifically who you’d like to give it to, put the name next to it. In your Recipients List, write the name of the gift next to the person’s name. This way you have a cross-reference. Okay you might think that I’m trying to relax, but you’re giving me a complicated organisation method. It’s actually really easy. You can even download apps for it, or just write it on your mobile’s notepad. By creating some sort of notes, it will make it easier for you when it comes time to wrap.

Buy Decorations In The Off-Season

When you buy decorations in the Off-Season you’ll get them at reduced prices. Best of all? By the time the season rolls in, you’ll be ready. You can also buy decorations all year-round from the internet, and if you have lots of time, you can get them off eBay from places like china.  They are very cheap and a lot of them offers free posting, but you’ll need to be extra patient in waiting, by extra I mean really patient as it can take up to a month or two.

Wrap Sooner Not Later

Again, stock in Christmas wrapping paper when they’re off-season, or as soon as they’re on the shelves, buy them. By the time they’re on the shelves, you should have a shelf full of presents to wrap. Start wrapping when you have the time, one here, two there, or even all at once. Enjoy this time, you’ve got enough time to make them look outstanding! Give that added decorative touches that will make them look extra special.

Record What You Wrap

Always record what you’ve wrapped! Whenever possible, take a photo of each of them prior to wrapping, and check off or make changes as necessary to the two lists that you have above. Last year, I made the mistake of not remembering how exactly the presents I’ve wrapped looked like, I really wished that I took pictures prior to wrapping them.

Collect Recipes

Start collecting recipes from family and friends. You can also bookmark the ones that you collect online! Do you know that there are a lot of recipes on YouTube as well? Sign in and add them to your playlist. If you have pay TV that can record shows, you can do that too. Just get organised and remember where you store stuffs at. Now that you still have plenty of time to try them out, you can do lots of trials and will know exactly the ones you’ll be proud to serve when the time comes.

Christmas is a gift in itself, and should be a pleasure. When you follow the plan above, not only you’ll have a whole year of good fun, it can also be a great stress reliever when Christmas time comes. Have fun!