During pregnancy women should get in some of that much needed exercise! Unless you have a high risk pregnancy, or you are under orders from your doctor, there should be no reason for you to not exercise during the pregnancy. It can be quite fun!

In fact, studies have shown that there are plenty of benefits from exercising during pregnancy. Energy levels can go up, and you can get some of that blood pumping. That can help with much needed circulation and recovery time chances improving. Your labor can also be quite easy and much shorter if you do exercise. Who does not want that?

Here are some exercises to avoid during pregnancy:

  • Unfamiliar programs
  • Running and jarring unless experienced

Now here are some of the exercises that are safe and good during pregnancy:


If you are an experienced jogger you can do this quite safely. Jogging should be reduced as the pregnancy progresses. When it gets to the point that you cannot hold a conversation as you jog than you are probably doing it too hard. That is what to watch out for.


Who does not love a good walk? This is said to be the best exercise for pregnant moms. It is a low impact exercise and it gets that blood pumping and circulating. It is also usually safe throughout the whole pregnancy.


Yoga can help one maintain muscle tone and stretch out some of that tightness you may feel. Look for pre-natal yoga classes if you can.


This is said to be the safest and number one exercise to do during pregnancy. It can alleviate heaviness you feel from the weight gain and it can give you quite the benefits when it comes to cardiovascular health. You will also feel quite refreshed. What can be better than feeling refreshed at the end of exercise

Weight Training

This is a great way to maintain and build some muscle during pregnancy. Avoid heavy weights and exercises that will have weight bearing exercises that require one to lay on the back.

Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Most pregnant women can do an exercise program if they are already active. Start things easy and commit regularly. Get in 30 minutes of exercise 4 -7 days a week if you can.

Keep yourself hydrated and avoided any over-heating. That can be dangerous for you and for the baby. Do not get the heart rate too much over 140 and stop immediately if you feel dizzy or lightheaded.

Warm up exercises are also important. This will help reduce your chance of injury and help the heart rate return to normal. All in all just be sure to have fun!