Being pregnant can be quite a joy to experience. You might, however, want to be aware of changes your body might experience. Your obstetrician will provide you all the information you need as the pregnancy progresses in regards to care and change. Everyone wants a comfortable pregnancy and healthy baby in the end.

Changes in your body occur during the whole pregnancy. During the first trimester you might feel the most discomfort. By the second trimester you will get a reprieve in a way. During the third trimester is when you will see the most radical changes. You might also get back some of the discomfort you experienced during the first trimester.

Morning sickness

Feelings of nausea any time during the day is very common during the first trimester. Your nose might also be extra sensitive in regards to smell which can also trigger nausea. There will be the smells you will not enjoy during this time. Avoid them whenever you can. Eat plain foods during nausea in order to help ease the symptoms.

Breast Enlargement

Breast can enlarge very early in the pregnancy and throughout. They can also become very tender and sensitive. Get some bras that will give you the comfort you need. The size can change quite a bit. Therefore find the bra that will fit quite nicely and offer you plenty of support that is needed.

Trouble Sleeping

You might experience trouble sleeping while pregnant. You should try lying on the side or try putting pillows under the stomach and between the legs. Also try doing things such as a warm bath or relaxation exercises. You just might have to get up and try falling asleep at a later time.

Frequent Urination and Thirst

Plenty of women get thirsty more often and therefore drink plenty of water during pregnancy. However by drinking a lot of water and with a baby pressing against the bladder you might find yourself going on more trips to the bathroom. This will occur throughout the pregnancy but is more common during the third and first trimesters.


Foot and limb swelling is more notices during pregnancy. Propping the feet up can help with that. You can also try staying off your feet for periods of time. If you get leg cramps you can try leg stretches to ease up the cramps.


Upset stomach and constipation are a concern during the pregnancy period. Foods that normally did not bother you may now start to bother you. Get foods that are full of fiber and ease up on piling on the spices you tend to like. Wait two hours after eating to try any physical activity or exercise.

Skin, Nail, and Hair

These are affected quite a bit when a baby grows inside you. Hair can thin and  lose the luster. The skin can become quite oily. However once you give birth they will return back to normal.  Try to stay away from hair coloring or any permanent process done to the hair.  You might not have the same reaction that you use to have and this is not the time to test anything.

All changes will go back to normal once the little one is in your arms. Get all the information you need in regards to pregnancy care and know how to deal with the changes. Make sure to keep yourself comfortable and ease up on things a little bit.