At some point the little ones have to start eating solids. Do you think your little one is ready? Are you even considering making your own baby food?

By making your own baby food you are saving money and reducing the waster of the world. You also have many more options available that you can use. Fresh foods are preferred to canned foods due the nutrition available from them. You can even use organic foods if you want too which has an added bonus when you think about it. Avoid all that artificial stuff that comes in canned baby food.

Making baby food is not really that expensive or even time consuming. It is in fact very easy and cheap to do.

Here are some tips for you to follow:

  1. Forget that pesky baby grinder. They are a pain to clean and make everything so difficult!
  2. If you are waiting for your baby to reach the age of 6 months mash homemade food up with a fork and serve it that way.

Wait until the baby has something called the pincer grasp if you decided to breast feed. After that occurs offer things like small peas, grated apple bits, and small foods like that. You are probably wondering what the pincer grasp is. It is when the baby can pinch at objects like carpet bits or small foods in the kitchen area between their first finger and thumb. Another reason you might want to wait a while is to check to say if the baby might have any food allergies. Take things one step at a time and watch for any food allergy signs from any solids that are offered.

Start with foods like:

  • Bananas
  • Steamed carrots or turnips
  • Yams that are steamed
  • Squash that is cooked
  • Avocado
  • Peas
  • Egg yolks that are hard cooked( no whites until 1 year)
  • Steamed potato or yams
  • Plumes, peaches, melons, or pears that are ripe
  • Grated apples that are raw or cooked
  • Beans that are well cooked

Some of these foods can be served raw and some will have to be steamed a bit lightly. Steaming can help the food retain more nutrients. Steaming also makes the food softer for the baby which means it will be much easier to eat.

Please do not make a big deal out of preparing homemade baby food. Some parents do take all the time blending and freezing and all that crazy stuff. Just go the easy way and keep things simple!

You of course want to avoid any sugars and salts that might upset the baby’s stomach. You may also want to go easy on the spices. Therefore you have the choice of adding your own ingredients for all of your babies meals tat they are sure to love.

Take this for example. You want to steam up vegetables for your dinner for the night. Before you add all that salt and butter take out a tablespoon of the vegetables and use it for the baby’s plate. Mash them up and there you go! Your baby has food and it is as simple as that! No hard work at all right. Try taking pieces of beef and mash it up for the baby to eat.

Whenever you go out to eat bring food from home for the baby such as an apple that is grated or even a mashed up banana. Try bringing other simple foods from home as well. Give your baby some of your food if you can such as that bit of potato. If the restaurant has a salad bar try looking for vegetables that the baby can munch on.

Having that little bundle of joy is already challenging. Start out with foods in a simple way.

Editor’s Note:

Please start slowly, and carefully every time you’re introducing a new type of food. It is very important before starting on any solid food, that you are aware of the preventive and first aid measurements to take shall your baby has an allergy reaction to the food. Please seek medical advice, if you suspect that your baby has had an allergic reaction.