• Help your kids find you if they get lost at an event
    If you’re going to an event or shopping where there are lots of people and your child is old enough to walk independently, write their name and your mobile number on their hand and make sure it stays there the whole time. You can also purchase personalised temporary “tattoos” with the same details. Clearly explain to your child what they should do if they lose you and don’t forget to keep your mobile on and handy.
  • Keep Little Arms and Legs Protected
    A great cover-up for legs or arms especially in warm weather are Huggalugs… They are like leg warmers but are are more sock like and are great if you have a child with a skin condition like eczema. They protect bub from scrapes while they are learning to crawl and walk. Their also great when you want a bit of cover for a cool morning or evening and they are so easy to put on. You can find them in boutique baby shops or online at www.huggalugs.com.au. They make a great gift for someone that has everything too!
  • Keep Your Baby Safe from Shower Bucket Water
    With the weather beginning to warm up and drought conditions continuing on throughout Australia, many people are again starting to use a bucket in the shower to catch water for the garden. Make sure you keep buckets with water in them safely out of reach of children as babies can drown in a very small amount of water.
  • Safer fridge magnets
    Look for fridge magnets which have the whole back as a flat magnet rather than a small magnet attached, like on the back of alphabet magnets. Flat magnets will not fall off as easily so are safer if they go into baby’s mouth. There are some great kids designs available!
  • When to Lower the Cot
    It is never too soon to lower the cot. The best time is once your baby is sitting confidently.
    * Contributed by: Angelina, Victoria
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