10 weeks pregnant: what can I expect?

10 week fetus pictures

You are now 10 weeks pregnant. You will start to feel more upbeat about your pregnancy and start to count each week as it passes by. Sometimes you feel you can’t wait and want time to fly so that you can be with your baby. These are all natural maternal feelings you will feel during your pregnancy.

It’s decision making time

10 weeks pregnant bump pictures

Now that the news has sunk in that you are pregnant you will find your thoughts wandering to the future. You will start to wonder if you are cut out to be a mother. It’s natural to wonder things like ‘will I love my baby enough’, ‘will I able to put my baby above everything else and many other random thoughts. No one will love the baby as much as you. You have the first bond with your baby. As your pregnancy develops you will find yourself talking to your baby or singing to it. These are all the wonderful things about being pregnant. Try to enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can, put all the worry and stress aside during this time.

Physical changes in you during week 10

10 weeks pregnant belly pictures

  • For several more weeks you will notice your waist thickening. You might be getting a little belly. All these changes in your body are a part of sustaining you through your pregnancy. To feel more comfortable wear elasticized pants that can accommodate your changing size. If you wear too tight clothes around the waist you’ll find it uncomfortable to sit and relax.
  • Your uterus will now be the size of a large grapefruit. When you first started your pregnancy your uterus would have been much smaller.
  • Unfortunately you will continue to have extreme nausea during the first trimester of your pregnancy. As you reach the 12 week mark your nausea will ease up. You won’t feel this way for long. Whenever you feel sick take a nap. Having a cold flavored Popsicle will ease your nausea. Continue taking precautions by carrying tissues and puke bag with you, for times you feel like throwing up. Fresh air and sunlight will help you cope with nausea.
  • Large amounts of hormones in your body will weaken your muscle control during this time of pregnancy and can lead to you passing some serious wind. Foods like beans, cauliflower and broccoli are more likely to cause you wind. You might find yourself passing more wind when you have fizzy drinks. Avoid food and drinks that increase the feeling of bloating and flatulence.

Emotional changes in you during week 10

  • You will start to have strange, vivid and weird dreams during this time. Doctors say dreams often reflect the fear, excitement and anxiety that you are going to feel during your pregnancy. Your dreams might feel like you are on wild roller coaster ride. Your dreams are being driven by your raging hormones. It’s impossible to predict what kind of dreams you are going to have. You may dream of animals or tall buildings and even have dreams filled with fantasy. Your dreams are all a part of your thrill of being a mother.
  • Being riddled with guilt, fear and worry can lead you to have superstitious beliefs throughout your pregnancy. You might start to freak at a particular inauspicious sign. Recognize that you are scared not because of the sign but because you feel insecure about your baby’s health during your pregnancy. To combat these feelings read up more about what to expect during pregnancy. Knowledge will help you cope with these misinformed feelings. Always be optimistic about the future and your baby’s health.
  • There are going to be a lot of times during your pregnancy when you will be feeling unattractive especially when you feel bloated. You may start to think your partner is neglecting you because you are unattractive to him. You may be worried about putting on too much weight. At time like this it’s important to love yourself and be kind to your body. Your body is beautiful and all the changes in your body are helping you bring a beautiful baby in this world. Getting your hair done and wearing nice clothes will help you feel more attractive. There’s no reason to be sloppy just because you are pregnant.

How’s my baby doing?

  • You baby is now 3cm long will weigh less than four grams. To have a more clear idea your baby will now be the size of a strawberry.
  • Your baby’s neck will be beginning to take shape. Your baby will have started to wriggle and move but it’s still too early for you to feel your baby’s movements.
  • The baby’s nipples and hair follicles have already begun to form.
  • Your baby’s jaws are in place by now. The mouth and the nose cavity will be joined by now.
  • Your baby’s vital organs like the liver, brain, kidneys and lungs are fully formed and functional by this week.

Useful tips for you this week

10 week ultrasound pictures

  • Give up caffeinated drinks. Stick to herbal teas like peppermint and rooibos. These teas will help you relax and deal with bloating and flatulence.
  • You will need plenty of calcium this week to supplement the growth of your baby. Have plenty of curds, milk and calcium rich foods. Another option is to take calcium tablets.
  • Avoid any sudden movements that will make you feel dizzy and faint. Carry snacks with you to munch on to keep your blood sugar levels from dropping.