13 weeks pregnant: what should I expect?

13 week fetus pictures

You are now entering what’s called the second trimester of your pregnancy, congratulations! This is considered the best trimester for pregnant mothers. At this stage you will be feeling more comfortable. You would have said goodbye to morning sickness and your belly won’t be big yet like the third trimester.You will be energetic this week and you will find it easier to go about your day to day tasks. Typically the second trimester is considered 13 weeks to 27 weeks pregnant. It’s considered the best time to travel because of fewer complications.By week 13 your risk for miscarriage drops significantly and this is a time to celebrate. Doctors say women who carry their baby up to 13 weeks have a good chance of carrying the baby to full termWaiting outside your doctor’s office for a check up you will start to notice other pregnant women and wonder what they are doing and how they are feeling. You may want to chat up with them and share your experiences. Talking to others in your situation will help reassure you about being a mother. Don’t compare yourself negatively with other pregnant mothers. There’s no good or bad way to get through pregnancy. Everyone tries to do the best they can.

Physical changes in you during week 13

13 week baby bump pictures

  • Your uterus has increased to the size of a grapefruit and will be starting to feel full.
  • You may start to feel sluggish in your bowel movements and have constipation. Infrequent bowel movements can be caused by the vitamins you are taking and might also be due to hormonal changes. Increase your fiber intake and drink plenty of water. Avoid eating large meals which makes your bowel feel more sluggish. Eat frequent light meals.
  • If this is not your first pregnancy then your abdominal muscles will not be that strong. Your tummy will look more bulgy. Wear loose sized clothing to feel comfortable. You could also wear a pregnancy belt under your clothes for increased support. Light walking is another option to make those muscles strong.
  • Some women might still feel slightly nauseated during this week. If you still feel those symptoms avoid eating large meals at once. Eating small meals frequently will help you keep your blood sugar at a steady level. There’s another interesting fact for you. There’s research to support that women carrying a boy tend to eat more than women pregnant with a girl.

Emotional changes in you at week 13

13 weeks pregnant belly pictures

  • You will have settled into the idea of being a mother by now. You will feel a sense of calmness. You will feel more in control and charge this week.
  • This is a good time to bond with your partner. Both your lives are going to change for better once the baby is born. Make time to go out together for picnics or movies where you can enjoy each other’s company. Happy parents will lead to a happy and healthy baby.
  • Your breasts will continue to increase in size in preparation for breastfeeding. You might start to get unwanted attention because of the size of your breasts. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable, take it as a compliment. Wear bras and shirts that fit your changing size.

How’s my baby doing this week?

  • Your baby will be the size of a ripe peach this week. That is approximately around three inches long.
  • Your baby will be rapidly acquiring reflexes. These reflexes allow your baby to curl its fingers when you touch its palm and move its feet when you tickle it.
  • Your baby’s face is getting more distinguishable now. Your baby’s eyes would have moved closer and the ears will be in their position on the side of its head.
  • Sweat glands in your baby will start to emerge and because your baby’s skin is thin the veins on your baby will be highly visible.
  • You baby’s vocal chords will start to develop. These chords will help your baby make its first cry when it arrives in this world.

Useful tips for week 13

13 week ultrasound pictures

  • Increased blood supply during your pregnancy will give you nose bleeds and a congested nose. Carry soft tissues in your bag to keep your nose clean.
  • Don’t get into the mindset of eating for two. You only need 300 extra calories than what you eat everyday. Overeating will lead to extra weight gain and will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • You might want to look for maternity clothes as your size changes. If you don’t want to spend too much money on clothes you may not wear again, you can borrow from your family members. Buying second hand maternity clothes is another good option. These clothes are often well maintained and are much cheaper.