Seven weeks pregnant – what can you expect?

7 week fetus pictures

At week seven your pregnancy will start to feel more real to you. You will find yourself making plans for the future and wondering things about your baby.

Even though you are in the middle of your first trimester, there won’t be any noticeable physical changes to others.

What’s the size of my baby?

During this week your baby is still minute but will grow speedily. Your baby will measure about seven to nine millimeters in length by the end of this week. That will be about the size of a small grape or a bean!

Some physical changes you will experience during the seventh week of your pregnancy

7 weeks pregnant bump pictures

Constipation – Because of all the hormonal changes in your body the movements of your bowel will slow down. This unwelcome symptom usually starts at this week and may last until the end of your pregnancy. Luckily there are things you can do to deal with this uncomfortable feeling. Drink plenty of water and try to get at least eight glasses of water a day. You will have to increase your fiber intake. The best way to do this is have two serves of vegetables and three serves of fruits everyday. Cereals like oats are great to increase your fiber intake.

Morning sickness – Hollywood great Dolly Parton had this wonderful quote about morning sickness, “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Morning sickness affects women in varying degrees. During this week you will find yourself throwing up after certain meals, increased aversion to certain foods and heartburn. Avoid eating large meals and foods that increase your nausea. Snack on crackers, bananas and apples.

Drooling – The increased saliva production might make you drool constantly like a new born baby. If you find it unbearable to swallow your saliva spit it in a tissue or sink. Pay special attention to your dental hygiene during this week. Brush twice a day and floss regularly. Bleeding gums are a common problem for pregnant women. If necessary fix an appointment with your dentist.

Pimples – You might feel like you are 13 again this week. The hormonal changes during pregnancy will cause your skin to break out. Check with your doctor before you use any topical acne creams. Certain ingredients might not be suitable during pregnancy. Choose herbal options to keep your skin glowing and spot free.

Sensitivity to heat – You might find yourself complaining that you are feeling hot. It’s normal for pregnant women to feel hotter than the people around them.

Weight gain – You might find yourself gaining a few pounds during this time. You might start to feel your waist and stomach getting a bit wide. Gaining or losing weight varies from women to women. Some women may lose weight because of the morning sickness and lack of hunger. It’s purely an individual experience.

Tiredness – During this week you will start to feel more tired than usual. Try to get an afternoon nap if possible. Don’t stay up late at night during your pregnancy. You need to get plenty of rest during this delicate time.

Some emotional changes in you during the seventh week of your pregnancy

7 weeks pregnant belly pictures

  • Many people think that pregnant women are content and happy. Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy can be a source of stress, anxiety and mood swings.
  • If you find yourself getting depressed talk to women who are in similar situation or relatives who have been through pregnancy. Knowing you are not alone will go a long way in reassuring you. Speak to your mum and find out how she coped during her pregnancy. You might be amazed at what you will find.
  • You might feel guilt at feelings of happiness, when you notice your friends who have been unable to conceive. Be kind to their feelings but do not put a lid on your feelings of anticipation.

Your baby’s growth and development in the seventh week

  • This is the week where all the essential organs of your baby are beginning to form.
  • Seven weeks into your pregnancy your baby’s face and brain are developing.
  • Tiny nostrils and eye lenses begin to form in your baby.
  • The arm and leg buds that sprouted last week will now take on the shape of paddles.
  • Your baby develops reflexes and can move.
  • It’s too early to determine the sex of your baby through an ultrasound, but your baby is starting to develop its sex glands.

Tips to make you feel better during this week

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  • Good oral hygiene is important during pregnancy. Changes in hormones can cause your gums to bleed. Bacteria from your mouth can be transmitted to your unborn baby through the blood. Avoid eating foods high in sugar. Brush your teeth and floss twice a day. Make sure you use a high quality mouthwash. When visiting a dentist don’t forget to inform them that you are pregnant.
  • To relieve nausea eat ginger cookies or ginger candy. Alternatively you can drink ginger ale. The benefits of ginger in combating nausea are well known.
  • Keep saltine crackers and a glass of water at your bedside. Snack on them early in the morning before you have breakfast. This will prevent feelings of nausea and vomiting.
  • Foods rich in vitamin B6 will reduce your morning sickness. You can take a vitamin B6 supplement daily.