Nutrition plays a key role in weight loss but many Australians are confused about how to incorporate easy and effective changes to their diet

With the summer months upon us now is the time when more Australians are looking to take control of their health. For many people this will mean embarking on a program to help lose weight, giving them the confidence and ability to get out and enjoy.

Sydney nutrition expert Dr Robert Buist said all the evidence pointed to the need for a combination of different approaches in order to effectively lose weight and keep it off.

“Most people will have heard that effective and long-term weight loss involves both diet and exercise – but many may be confused as to which approach is best for them,” said Dr Buist.

“Interestingly, Australian researchers who reviewed the Australian Longitudinal Study of Women’s Health and a follow up two years later found a combination of four elements to be most effective for weight loss: reducing fats and sugars, cutting back on portion size and snacks, exercise and a commercial weight-loss program.”

Dr Buist went on to say that this needn’t be as complicated as it first sounds: “From a nutrition perspective, this means you need nutrient and protein-rich meals which are low in fats and sugars while still making you feel full. That way you won’t want to eat as much or snack between meals.”

Whey, sourced from cow’s milk, contains a high amount of essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein which the body cannot make itself) which makes it more nutritionally desirable compared to many other protein sources. As a result, it is better utilised by the body than some other protein sources such as soy, rice and wheat protein.

Dr Buist said that adding whey to your diet can be very easy, through the use of high-quality meal replacement products such as IsoWhey. While some meal replacement products are high in sugars and low in nutrients, IsoWhey is specially formulated to provide high quality whey protein and essential nutrients, making it an important part of any weight management plan. IsoWhey contains two forms of whey—isolate and high grade concentrate—to provide the full spectrum of benefits from whey: high levels of protein plus additional nutrients such as minerals.

“IsoWhey is an effective low carbohydrate nutritional powder that offers an ideal first step for weight conscious Australians who want to control their calorie intake as well as satisfying their nutritional needs,“ said Dr Buist.

More and more Australians are now facing the problem of weight management, with more than two thirds of all Australian men and over half of all Australian women now considered overweight or obese. While excess weight is an important health issue for all Australians, it is an increasing issue for women because women are gaining weight more rapidly than men.

“Weight gain is something many Australians struggle with and what we often think of as harmless extra kilos can continue to creep on as many people gain weight each year. Women’s bodies naturally carry a higher proportion of fat than men’s and since fat burns less fuel than muscle, high calories can effect women to a greater extent,” said Dr Buist.
IsoWhey can be consumed once or twice daily to replace breakfast and either an afternoon snack or meal. For breakfast IsoWhey is a satisfying meal replacement that not only provides important nutrients, it also keeps you satisfied for longer and provides energy without increasing blood sugar.

In addition to its nutritional value, IsoWhey is available in three delicious flavours – Double chocolate, French vanilla and Strawberries in cream. It is easily prepared by simply adding the number of scoops indicated on the label with milk or adding it to yoghurt.

“Many diets are complicated and restrictive. IsoWhey is simple to use, convenient and is a great solution for people trying to lose weight. I encourage all weight conscious Australians looking to kick start their weight loss program to speak with their Pharmacist about IsoWhey today,” concluded Dr Buist.

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