Having a baby seems to mean a spending frenzy for most new parents. Most of them have got the crib, pushchair, and a stack of adorable outfits before the baby has arrived. It’s great that they’re organised, but what can you buy their little bundle that they haven’t already thought of? Here are some ideas for new baby gifts that are thoughtful, and much more creative than one of those giant nappy cakes.


Handing the parents a wad of cash isn’t the most thoughtful of gifts, but starting a savings bond for their new baby is something that’s always appreciated. Most families are so concerned about financial preparation for parenthood, they don’t think about investing some money for their newborn’s future. However, with the cost of university fees rising all the time, it’s important for parents to have somewhere to put cash aside. Choose a plan that will mature when the child turns 18, or an account they won’t be able to withdraw money from until then. You could also arrange to make a deposit on their birthday every year, ensuring their bank account grows as they do. Bear in mind that once they turn 18, what they do with the cash will be up to them. They may use it for university or travel, they may waste the money, either way it’s a learning experience for them.


Although the baby will be too young to be entertained by books, it’s never too early for parents to start collecting classics for the future. Books are an incredibly personal gift, they last a lifetime and can be passed down to future generations. Choose between classics for 0-2 year olds, or pick something that you enjoyed as a child or teenager. You can write them a personal message inside the cover explaining why you loved the book or why you’ve picked it out for them. Getting children interested in books at a young age is important, and it will hopefully lead to a lifelong love affair with reading.

Keepsake box

Having a newborn is an exhausting time, and many parents complain that they don’t remember much about those days. Although they’ve probably taken lots of photos, it can be nice to have somewhere to store all those little mementos of the early days. A lock of hair, hospital tags, their first hat, there are so many items that parents want to hold on to forever. A keepsake box is a good way to help them keep those memories safe. Choose a pretty wooden box, or if you’re crafty then create something yourself. It’s a kind and thoughtful gift that will stay with the family for a lifetime.


When parents are busy looking after their newborn, they often neglect to feed themselves properly. After a few days of takeaways and ready meals, any new parents will be desperate for a home-cooked meal in the comfort of their own home. Surprising them with some simple, delicious food is often much more appreciated than yet more baby gifts, and you could even offer to watch the baby for an hour so they can eat in peace.

Something for Mum and Dad

While the new baby is being showered with gifts they won’t even be that bothered about, visitors often forget about the worn-out parents who are doing all the work. Consider a thoughtful gift that will help them through this tough time. Mums often appreciate gifts that involve pampering, allowing them to get back to their gorgeous selves after the birth. Add a coupon for a couple of hours of babysitting, and you’ve got a friend for life. Dads are often happy to get a gift that’s not baby related, so treat them to a new book or something to do when they’re up in the middle of the night. Avoid alcoholic gifts, they won’t fancy drinking on top of feeling tired, and they’ll probably run out of space for flowers very quickly.

The news of your loved ones giving birth can prompt many people to run out and buy cute little outfits or toys. While these are adorable, try giving a gift that is sentimental and will last for longer than a couple of months.