Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a female condition in which hormones are imbalanced and ovulation may be sporadic or nonexistent. The condition creates a number of side effects in the woman which can include; irregularity of the menstrual cycle, insulin resistance and problematic hair growth. However, because of the insulin resistance, women with PCOS find it very hard to lose weight, but with a healthy diet a woman can manage the symptoms and lose weight.

For women trying to conceive, PCOS-related weight gain can have a direct impact on the situation. For women with PCOS, high insulin levels are common which is why experts recommend a diet that incorporates foods with a low glycemic index value. Carbohydrate rich foods are high in the glycemic index, while vegetables are considered to be low. A low glycemic index diet means that 40% of the daily food intake will not come from carbs, but fresh vegetables and certain fruits.

While diet does play a big part in helping women with PCOS lose weight, there are benefits to incorporating exercise into the equation as well. Experts recommend a woman engages in 30 minutes of regular exercise each day and use a variety of different programs such as cardiovascular, weight lifting and stretching. For women suffering from PCOS and trying to conceive there has to be a balance of healthy diet and exercise, which will directly increase the chances of healthy conception.

A workout for women with PCOS could include walking, light weight lifting, swimming, cycling, and jumping rope and many other exercises. The key to sticking with a workout is to make it interesting and mixing things up to avoid boredom which could lead to giving up. Because it is so difficult for a woman with PCOS to lose weight, it is important to be active, eat a balanced diet and incorporate a regular exercise routine to be as healthy as possible.

When beginning any type of exercise, a woman needs to first consult with her physician to make sure it is in her best interest. A workout for women with PCOS can help promote weight loss and can increase the chances for many that are trying to conceive a healthy baby. Through eating a low glycemic index diet and limiting carbohydrates in the dietary plan, a woman can find a way in which to balance out the blood sugar and prevent crashes that lead to overeating.

Because PCOS is such a common disorder, there is much known about how to treat the symptoms, which in turn helps women live a healthier quality of life. A woman suffering from PCOS-related infertility should consult with her fertility specialist and retain the services of a registered dietician in order to learn more about ways in which to manage the condition. With time, a healthy diet and managing weight, a woman suffering from PCOS can lose maintain a healthy body and conceive the baby of her dreams.